The Stuttering Association for the Young Shines a “Spotlight” on Kids Who Stutter in Powerful New PSA

NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For the over 70 million people who stutter, every conversation can feel like speaking in front of a crowd: all eyes on you as you know what to say but cannot seem to get the words out fast enough. "In the Spotlight," a powerful PSA from the Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY) and BBDO, portrays the emotional weight of young people living with a stutter to ignite a conversation and bring awareness to this common yet stigmatized speech disorder. With the incredible challenges faced by kids who stutter after a year of home learning, "In the Spotlight" educates viewers on how to treat their peers who stutter, stressing empathy and patience, ahead of the upcoming school year. View the "In the Spotlight" PSA here.

"Too often we hear people speak about stuttering in a negative light," says Noah Cornman, Executive Director of SAY. "There’s a common misconception that people stutter because they are nervous, when in reality, they might be nervous out of fear for how the public will react to their stutter. We are thrilled to work with BBDO on this impactful PSA and hope to start shifting the conversation and the way we interact with people who stutter."

Stuttering is common, yet young people are often taught that it is something they should be ashamed of or fix. "In the Spotlight" changes the narrative around youth who stutter by featuring real members of the SAY community in public speaking scenarios. But instead of giving a presentation or belting into song, they deliver speech from everyday interactions – such as asking for a job application or ordering food at a restaurant. This helps viewers understand what ordinary conversations can feel like for youth who stutter, where finishing one sentence can sometimes take as much courage as public speaking. It also tells them to give young people who stutter time to share their voices, as every voice deserves to be heard and respected.

BBDO NY was inspired to partner with SAY to produce "In the Spotlight" after their own Junior Copywriter Aaron Marshall shared his experience of growing up with a stutter and brought attention to the struggles that kids who stutter face. Young people who stutter can get discouraged to speak up and often purposely stay quiet out of fear of others’ reactions to how they speak, even when they know the answer, and have so much to offer and share. In Marshall’s experience, there were times he would order something at a restaurant that he did not want, just to avoid stuttering. He believes this PSA will shift the narrative from fixing stutters to accepting and celebrating all voices, so that a child never has to compromise again.

For 20 years, SAY has empowered kids to own their voice and teach them that there is nothing wrong with the way they speak. SAY’s leadership team works year round to provide kids with access to arts programs, speech therapy, and summer camp, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. The annual 2-week sleep away camp builds a community of acceptance, friendship, and encouragement where young people who stutter can develop the confidence and communication skills they need to thrive. To learn more about SAY, their programs, and how to support, visit

About SAY:
SAY is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides support, advocacy and life-changing experiences for young people who stutter. SAY grants access to its valuable programs — which include year-round arts programs, speech therapy, and summer camp— regardless of a family’s ability to pay. SAY believes that every voice matters, and hopes to educate those who are unaffected. Everyone should know how to treat young people who stutter with the respect we’d afford anyone else.

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