Education for Old Age

No, I do not mean education in old age. The story of Cato’s late application to the study of Greek literature has already been sufficiently celebrated, and every one who starts a new science or a new language after his hair has turned gray knows that he has numerous precedents to encourage him.

Higher education enrollment

Rising wages for entry-level positions may be luring young people who are opting to work instead of attend college. What might this shift mean for the workforce in the longterm?

US education chief seeks action to prevent school shootings

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said Thursday that he’s ashamed the United States is “becoming desensitized to the murder of children” and that action is needed now to prevent more lives from being lost in school shootings like the one in Uvalde,

Want to expand computer science education? Educate more teachers

When advocates push for computer science education, usually they’re talking about boosting the number of schools offering computer science classes – with the intent to reach more students. But from our perspective as scholars of computer science education,