The Education Project: Using Technology for Change Partners with Arlington Elementary School

TOLEDO, Ohio, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Education Project (TEP) by Humanity First USA is proud to announce an official community-based school partnership with Arlington Elementary School to better serve students and families in the area.

TEP coordinated with Principal Melisa Viers and public school administrators to understand the community’s education needs and local challenges within the school. Principal Viers explained, “Our committed staff members give it their all, but even in the best of times, more one-on-one tutoring is needed for some of our students.” In working together, we have been able to coordinate one-on-one tutors for some students, so they can start receiving the extra help they need.

Due to the continued spread of COVID-19 across the region, Toledo Public Schools (TPS) are continuing with 100 percent remote learning through late February when students will begin following a hybrid model.

Since mid-March 2020, TPS has had to switch from in-person classrooms to a virtual learning platform, which has been a challenging adjustment for students, families, and school administration in the area. Arlington Elementary School teachers are reporting that they feel like they need more instructional time with their students to work in small groups and/or reteach essential standards to those who may need more assistance. Many Arlington Elementary School parents are working, at times more than one job, to support their families. This limits extra time to spend on helping their children with homework, so they greatly benefit from the services of The Education Project.

The Education Project’s hope is to see current and future students of Arlington Elementary School receive the extra academic help they need, plus establish mentoring relationships with their college student tutors who share personal life experiences and help students set their own goals for attending college someday. Principal Viers stated, “Our [Arlington Elementary School’s] hope is to continue to match more students with college mentors so that even more of our kids will benefit from the Education Project.”

About The Education Project by Humanity First USA

The Education Project was founded in March 2020 with the mission to provide high-quality, remote tutoring and mentorship to K-12 students in need across the nation, completely free of cost. The volunteer tutors are primarily college students, but also include recent graduates, teachers, and other professionals. All tutors are trained to work with students on an individual basis and focus on developing problem-solving skills and improving subject areas where students have difficulty. This individualized one-on-one approach to learning ensures that students are engaged and can gain mastery over fundamental concepts that will be built upon in their future education.

As of December 2020, TEP has served over 400 students and provided over 4000 hours of tutoring, with over 225 tutors representing 31 different states.

For further information on TEP, please visit our website:

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