The Danielson Group Expands Partnership with 2gnoMe to the Updated Framework for Teaching (FFT)

NEW YORK, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 2gnoMe, a platform that unifies all parts of the professional development experience and personalizes learning for every teacher, announced that the Danielson Group, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting teachers throughout their career, selected 2gnoMe as the platform-of-choice for the updated Framework for Teaching (FFT). The Framework for Teaching is used by millions of educators worldwide and is an essential resource in the growth and support of high-quality teaching.

Aligned to the FFT, the 2gnoMe platform provides a more accurate role for teachers, with emphasis on equity and a means to meet the challenges facing their students.

The partnership between The Danielson Group and 2gnoMe allows educators and those who support them to focus on the professional growth and development of the field. There are over 400 resources vetted for higher quality and aligned to the Framework. In addition, districts can add their own resources and activities to shape and personalize the learning experience for every teacher, at scale.

"Seeing the Framework in action makes it more real, more actionable and more impactful in improving the teaching practice," said the Danielson Group Executive Director Jim Furman. "2gnoMe built a uniquely personalized experience that focuses on each teacher’s individual strengths and areas of growth. It allows educators to set learning goals that help them to create welcoming and inclusive classrooms and teach authentically. "

For leaders at districts and state agencies, the 2gnoMe platform helps meet the needs of teachers more efficiently and better utilize limited professional development budgets, making administrative staff strong partners with their teachers’ growth and development rather than being viewed as merely evaluation of their teaching.

"We are excited to make more impact to far more teachers," said 2gnoMe Founder and CEO Ilya Zeldin. "Given the strength of the Danielson’s methodology, this partnership is one of the most important steps to re-imagine how to personalize support for every teacher, at scale."

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