Safe Kids AI Secures $1.5 Million in Seed Funding, Investor Group reflects Strong Support for Breakthrough Child Online Safety Approach

VIENNA, Va., Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Safe Kids AI announces the closing of its seed funding round at $1.5 million. Oversubscribed, this latest raise included both new and existing investors, highlighting the momentum and confidence in the new company and its innovative, machine-learning driven products.

"Having invested in multiple businesses founded by Abbas Valliani (founder and CEO of Safe Kids AI) through successful exits, and considering the quality and experience of his team, I believe that Safe Kids AI is a disruptive, market-leading solution for keeping children safe online," said Hasnain Aslam, Founding Partner at The Resource Group and an early investor in Safe Kids AI. "As a parent of young children, I care deeply for their and their classmates’ safety online, especially with the acceleration of learning and socializing into the virtual space. However, based on significant experience with my own children and their peers, I am dissatisfied with existing approaches that focus more on blocking than guiding intelligent online behaviors. Safe Kids AI aims to empower our kids to make good decisions, be more productive, and thrive online and even offline through improved mental health."

How Safe Kids Works

Safe Kids AI’s patented technology not only intercepts online threats – including those that bypass existing countermeasures, like firewalls – it uses these instances to Pause, Reflect, and Redirect kids to more appropriate content and authentic human connection. "The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the issue of kids’ social lives existing primarily online. Safe Kids AI supports them in stepping back from their devices and connecting with trusted peers and adults," said Atif Bhanjee, Safe Kids AI’s Chief Operating Officer.

"By working with schools, Safe Kids AI looks to reach as many kids as possible while supporting teachers, practitioners, and administrators working hard to ensure learning is optimized as it transitions into the digital space. Eventually, Safe Kids AI will be made available directly to households, higher learning, and even professional institutions," said Mr. Aslam. "We applaud mission-driven companies that build on innovative, patented technology solutions with defensible IP, and are excited to support Safe Kids AI’s positive impact to children’s mental health and wellbeing."

Numerous studies show a direct link between children’s online activities and their psychological wellbeing. Safe Kids AI helps kids, and their ecosystem of parents, educators, caregivers, and specialists make better online decisions by pausing, reflecting, and redirecting them to stay safe and on task. "The return of all previous investors, my personal financial commitment, and the oversubscription of the round demonstrate that seasoned investors, all of whom are parents, support our new, breakthrough approach to helps kids thrive online, while providing schools with much needed support for their transition to online learning and focus on mental health," said Abbas Valliani, Safe Kids AI’s Founder and CEO. "Thanks to our forward-looking investors, we can accelerate our mission while designing the optimal counterweight to online threats, including those within social media."

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Atif Bhanjee