National Financial Literacy Month Celebrated with Children’s Initiatives, Financial Wellness Activities, & Annual FED Award

DALLAS, April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It’s April – which means National Financial Literacy Month has arrived. Throughout the month, organizations across the country collaborate to present a host of events, challenges, and celebrations, all designed to help improve our citizens’ financial literacy.

Financial Literacy Month came into being in 2004 with a Senate Resolution that targeted raising public awareness about the importance of financial wellness and the serious negative consequences of lacking key money management skills. Since then, national partners, state coalitions, and non-governmental organizations have come together each April to promote events and initiatives that increase awareness about the benefits of improving our nation’s financial health.

The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) conducts a variety of initiatives throughout the month to promote financial literacy and wellness. For example, Teach Children to Save Day will be observed on April 22 this year. This day is set aside to give kids the opportunity to learn new ways of handling and understanding money – and research has shown that when children learn the value of saving money at an early age, they are more likely to mature into financially healthy adults.

The NFEC’s Cash for Candy – Easter edition program gives parents an alternative to stuffing kids’ Easter baskets with chocolate eggs and other sweets. Instead, they’re encouraged to fill those baskets with cash or buy back the candy so children can bolster their savings accounts. Cash for Candy is a fun program that encourages kids’ financial and physical health while promoting community well-being at the same time.

Don’t forget National Tax Day, which in 2022 falls on Monday, April 18. Tax Day is the deadline to get your federal and state tax returns in the mail before the US Post Office closes for the day, or to file them electronically. It’s also a good time to review your financial strategy with a tax professional to ensure that you take advantage of all the options to lower your tax liability for the coming year.

April 28 represents this year’s annual Take Your Child to Work Day. The country has observed this day since 1993 as a time to introduce children to the workplace environment and expose them to a variety of career options. This observance has many benefits, including helping kids understand the value of education, building motivation, enriching organizational culture, and fostering parent-child connections.

Finally, Financial Educators Day (FED) takes place the last Friday of each April, which falls on the 29th for 2022. The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) issues awards to excellent financial educators in the US and worldwide. The NFEC has been awarding this recognition since National Financial Educators Day was established in 2014. Since then, over 900 outstanding personal finance teachers have been recognized.

The National Financial Educators Council is a Certified B Corporation™ and an IACET Accredited Provider focused on mobilizing a global force of champions and advocates, empowering them with state-of-the-art training and resources, to spread the message and support communities worldwide with greater financial wellness.

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