Memberships By The Global Healing Institute Revolutionize The Health Industry with Reinvented Education

As an award-winning online school named in "Top 10 Educational Platforms of 2022," The Global Healing Institute (GHI) is Dr. Edward Group’s vision for empowering the world through holistic health knowledge, self-healing courses, and a community of lifelong students.

HOUSTON, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Global Healing Institute is more than an online school. It is a hub for Dr. Edward Group’s 25+ years of experience treating patients all over the world, a resource for transforming lives, and a consciousness-created space for a community of self-healers.

The recent launch of Global Healing Institute memberships has set a precedence for the health industry through groundbreaking, integrative education.

As an extension of The Institute, annual memberships provide a digital network and online school with direct access to leading naturopathic physicians. The collective mission is to share life-saving information and make medical self-sufficiency accessible to families all around the world.

Through actionable, value-led information, the ROI for this membership pays for itself many times over. Considering the average person spends approximately $316,600 on healthcare in their lifetime (the per capita expenditure is a third higher for females [$361,200]) – You can save thousands of dollars on preventable healthcare, health insurance, therapies, and pharmaceuticals, by learning to become your own doctor.

For $369 per year (around $30 a month) The membership includes:

  • All of Dr. Group’s 6 Self-Healing Courses – Exposing the true secrets to health and preventing disease; more courses being added every year.
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Events – To ask Dr. Group anything related to your health, spirituality, wellness, and happiness.
  • Interviews with World-Renowned Healers – 30+ hours of lessons and bonuses with top naturopathic physicians.
  • Access to a Private Community – Message with Dr. Group, Moderators that served as Naturopathic Physicians, and other like-minded self-healers on a mission to share uncensored medical information.
  • Annual Community Fasting Event – To reset the body and support each other through the detoxing process, entering ketosis, and drastically reducing the risk of disease.
  • Exclusive Offers on Global Healing products – Earn 2X the loyalty points for every $1 spent on organic supplements and detoxes, as well as FREE shipping on every order.
  • Access to VIP Detoxing Specialists – 24/7 access to a Customer Service team that is dedicated to your health and wellness.

This evolving community will unite wellness students over shared healing experiences, stories of survival, techniques to prepare for times of uncertainty, the latest medical news, and life-changing insights that you will not find anywhere else.

Join the future of preventative medicine.

Invest in your health and reap the health rewards for decades to come. 

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