Join Kyiv School of Economics to Provide Direct Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine , March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), together with Ukrainian businesses and state-owned companies, have launched a direct humanitarian aid campaign for Ukraine, to purchase necessary non-military supplies, first aid and protective kits for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian Paramedic Association, and the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces – mostly civilians who have volunteered in their country’s time of need –  to shield them against Russian aggression.

The crisis has worsened this week, as Russia has intensified its attacks: thousands more first aid and protective kits are urgently needed. Accordingly, KSE and its partners have located suppliers for additional kits and have raised the fundraising goal to $10 Million USD, from its initial $2.5 Million USD goal.

"The Ukrainian government announced the official toll of civilian deaths – over 2,000 people, and that is only the beginning. I am afraid to think what the count will be in the next several days. We need support for humanitarian relief now: first aid kits, food supplies, transportation and protective gear. This all costs money," said Tymofiy Mylovanov, President of the Kyiv School of Economics, former minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, and Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh.

"I appeal to the rest of the free world for which we are fighting now – support us with resources, stand with Ukraine," Dr. Mylovanov said.

Multiple companies and individuals from all over the world have joined the campaign and supported the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians. Contributions are arriving from the United States, Poland, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Brazil, and many other countries.

The KSE Charitable Foundation was established in 2007 as a subsidiary of its non-profit corporation in the United States, with a focus on humanitarian aid. The Russian invasion has added new urgency. We also aim to help NGOs, volunteers, and public initiatives to fight for our sovereignty.

Ukrainian companies, businesses with Ukrainian roots (including Roosh, Influ2, JKR Investment Group, tech/uklon, and more), along with the Ukrainian offices of top global consulting firms and teams of state-owned companies, have already donated either in funds or services or both, and are calling on any partners or individuals to help protect Ukraine’s sovereignty – and especially, its people. The past few days have been spent locating suppliers and setting up infrastructure for payment and for distribution to the Territorial Defense Forces. All help is gratefully received, and any donation will go directly to protective kits.



Here are the details for supporting the foundation’s efforts to provide protective kits to Ukrainian Territorial Defense volunteers.

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