International Leadership Association Hosts “Wisdom in Times of Crisis,” 24th Annual Global Conference This October

 SILVER SPRING, Md., Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The International Leadership Association (ILA) will host Wisdom in Times of Crisis, its 24th annual global conference 6-7 October 2022 live, online and 13-16 October live, onsite in Washington, D.C. The conference will feature leaders and leadership experts from more than 60 countries who will meaningfully inquire into how wisdom might catalyze transformation in the global systems contributing to environmental, social, economic, and political crises.

ILA’s annual global conference is the largest cross-sector gathering of those who research and study leadership, teach and develop leaders, and engage in the practice of leadership. These experts will meet to share creative new ideas, cutting edge practice and theory, hopes, innovations, and suggestions for the future. The call for presenters is open through 15 February, and details may be found on the conference website,

Conference program co-chairs Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker and Ina Gjikondi of the George Washington University shared how this year’s conference theme, Wisdom in Times of Crisis, emerged. "Shortly after we were appointed program co-chairs, we began facilitating a dedicated group of ILA members who volunteered to imagine what the 2022 theme might be. Through our collective conversations it became apparent that what we were talking about — what we all were yearning for during these times — was wisdom."

"This year’s theme, Wisdom in Times of Crisis, creates opportunities to cultivate and catalyze system change. It is exactly what’s needed for today’s crucial, pivotal moments," noted Cynthia Cherrey, CEO and President of the ILA. "We are thrilled with this year’s theme and to be working with Julia and Ina, this year’s program co-chairs. They each bring different perspectives to the table and their commitment to ILA and the field of leadership will be appreciated for years to come."

Dr. Julia Storberg-Walker is Chair of the Human and Organizational Learning Department, Program Director of the Organizational Leadership and Learning Program, and an Associate Professor at the George Washington University. She first became involved with the association in 2013 when she attended ILA’s first Women and Leadership Conference, which she called, "a transformative experience." Since then, she’s presented at several ILA conferences and served as co-editor of ILA’s award-winning book Leadership and Power in International Development: Navigating the Intersections of Gender, Culture, Context, and Sustainability.

Ina Gjikondi is newer to ILA with 2021 marking her first participation in a global conference. She co-presented two sessions during the live, online days of the 2021 conference where she commented that she "felt a genuine connection with the community and a deepening of my own awareness as a leader." Gjikondi serves as the Director of Executive Education & Coaching, as well as the Founder & Director of the e-Co Leadership Coaching Program, and the One Humanity Lab at the George Washington University’s Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.

Like last year, ILA’s 24th global conference will take place in two parts, with part one being live and online and part two being live and onsite in Washington, D.C. Storberg-Walker and Gjikondi are excited to work with local members to develop leadership "emersion" programs that will take full advantage of this year’s onsite location. Storberg-Walker observed that "Washington, D.C. holds a unique place in history, symbolizing the preciousness of our democracy in the U.S. and calls for a new way of leading together, as a collective, honoring diversity." The emersion programs will run on October 13th, the first day of the onsite conference, and will allow participants to "emerge" from the experience with a new way of doing, a different way of knowing, or an alternative way of collaborating.

Gjikondi touches on what Washington, D.C., uniquely has to offer onsite conference attendees from the perspective of an immigrant from Albania. "When I arrived in Washington, D.C., 15 years ago, I could not immediately make sense of why this city felt so welcoming, friendly, and familiar. What I have come to believe is that Washington, D.C., is everyone’s city. It belongs to every visitor, resident, citizen, student, government official, elected official, business person, diplomat, etc. The diversity of thinking, mindset, cultures, languages spoken, religious affiliations, cuisines, and more is remarkable. It makes you feel at home. The richness of such a playground opens up so many possibilities to imagine, co-create, and practically design new leadership narratives for the future." 

ILA’s mission of "advancing leadership knowledge and practice for a better world," and the conference theme of Wisdom in Times of Crisis could not be more relevant at this historic moment in time. Storberg-Walker and Gjikondi conclude: "We hope that the theme of WISDOM will catalyze others to engage in the conversation and that, collectively, we will have a greater understanding of the practices, behaviors, skills, and ways of being in the world as wise leaders."

The conference is open to everyone. The call for presenters is open through 15 February with details available at:

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