Honor Society Unveils Regalia and Class Rings for Graduation Season

HonorSociety.org releases updated regalia and Honor Society® Class Rings in preparation for the 2022 graduation season

WASHINGTON, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Honor Society is announcing a new collection of society inspired class rings, as well as graduation regalia in preparation for the 2022 graduation season. Honor Society believes in students standing out and showcasing their hard work, and as home graduations were trending last year, this visual recognition of success is paramount for both in-person and virtual graduations.

Honor Society Cords have a strand of intertwined blue and gold cords with an Honor Society charm attached. You can also purchase the Honor Society Honor Stole in a beautiful rich gold satin, embroidered with their logo in navy and gold. Honor Society also offers a silver shield medallion with the organization’s logo and Honor Society engraved on the back, attached by a navy blue neck ribbon.

Another addition students may want to consider for graduation is the limited-edition Honor Society® Class Ring, an officially licensed sterling silver member ring. Honor Society® rings are minted with precious metals to meet the highest standards of quality for academic jewelry. As the school year comes to a close, it is incredibly important for member accomplishments to be recognized, and the society’s regalia and class rings allow students to reflect on their time and effort in their journeys. All of these items can be found on the Honor Society Store. Ricardo Fogel, a current member, noted, "With personalized certificates, regalia, and merchandise, it makes me feel very special and part of something larger." Jayme Gragg, another member, had similar thoughts, "The Honor Society Store has a great selection and everything you need and want for graduation and more." Please check with your specific school to make sure that regalia may be worn during graduation and other ceremonies, as school policies can differ.

About Honor Society: Honor Society is a leading honors organization dedicated to recognition of member success, and to empowering members to achieve. Honor Society partners with exclusive services to provide students and professionals the tools to succeed. The society also provides career and graduate school tools, and offers scholarships to members. To view all current scholarships, visit HonorSociety.org’s scholarship directory.

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