High School Responder Announces the Launch of School Responder™

LANCASTER, Pa., Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — David B. Cooper, CTO/CFO and Founder of High School Responder announces that School Responder signs a K-12 contract for all the schools in a district — elementary, middle, and high schools. These expanded services mandated we grow our brand to match our new reach. School Responder encompasses the ability to be used district-wide for interactive communication between students, staff, and as a standardized compliance reporting tool for all elementary, middle, and high schools.

School Responder also helps describe the service as managed in-school by school staff familiar with the school and its students. School Responder manages the school’s policies for a school-based response. If school staff escalates the incident to EMS or other outside-based responders, they make that call based on school policy.

School Responder’s focus is everyday communications via a rapid response system to connect students with the support and resources they need, when they need it, every day. Our system is complimentary to state-wide anonymous alert systems for crisis management of eminent physical threats. Published data shows a vast majority of calls from students are non-emergency or wellness in nature and as many of their calls are about mental health and wellness, student feedback strongly suggests that they would like to communicate with their trusted school staff.

Schools across the country desperately need a more effective communication tool to respond to the unprecedented growth in the mental health, wellness and safety needs that impact students, overwhelm staff, and interfere with learning. This is where School Responder comes in.

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Our mission is to provide the entire school community streamlined communications to ensure an effective response plan for mental health, wellness, and student safety. Our rapid response app technology aspires to protect and empower every student in every school, every day. 

  • Rapid Response Automated De-escalation Communications
  • For On-Campus & Remote-Learning Settings
  • Automated, Message Notification Services
  • Designed to Handle Every Day Mental Health, Wellness and Student Safety
  • De-centralized, Fully Secured, Private Communications
  • Best Practices in Compliance and Reporting

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Barbara Grimm


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