Great Business Schools Releases National Rankings of Training and Development Bachelor’s Programs

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Great Business Schools (, a free online guide that takes students from the decision to attend business school all the way to an application and acceptance, has released four 2021 rankings of the best Training and Development Bachelor’s degree programs in the US:

25 Best Bachelor’s in Training & Development for 2021
15 Best Online Bachelor’s in Training & Development for 2021
10 Fastest Online Bachelor’s in Training & Development for 2021
10 Most Affordable Bachelor’s in Training & Development for 2021

The Top 3 Best Training and Development Programs for 2021 are: 1) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 2) Vanderbilt University; 3) University of Maryland. The Top 3 Online Training and Development Programs for 2021 are: 1) University of Arkansas; 2) Oregon State University; 3) Drexel University.

A complete list of all institutions ranked is included at the end of this release.

Human resources is at the heart of any successful organization, and training and development is a crucial part of strong human resources management. “The importance of training and development goes far beyond creating classes and helping newly hired employees find their way through the corporate maze,” the editors of Great Business Schools explain; “With a good Training and Development leader in place, the company can help every employee reach its full potential. Your company is only as good as the employees who work there.” The editors point out that “Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Training and Development is a great way to help others achieve their goals and gain experience using the most technologically advanced tools available.” “With a Bachelor degree in Training and Development, a graduate can assist companies in educating their workforce in the way of new skills, safety protocols, and methodology,” they explain. In nearly every industry, professionals can count on a demand for training and development experts.

GBS editors are concerned with providing students with information they can really use. The audience for GBS includes traditional high school grads, working adults, and career-changing professionals. That is why Great Business Schools ranks both online and traditional programs. As the editors explain, “The flexibility and convenience of an online degree program make it possible to learn new skills while they are working allowing them to take on more responsibilities and apply for new positions within their company.” By featuring accredited, reputable institutions, GBS ensures that prospective students can trust their choices.

Going to the right school is important for every student. Great Business Schools doesn’t get caught up about which schools are the “best.” They focus on what makes business schools great places for students to learn and grow. Rankings and resources that reflect a wide range of needs and priorities are what set GBS apart.

All Institutions in the Great Business Schools Training and Development Bachelor’s Rankings (in alphabetical order):

Amberton University

Amridge University

Appalachian State University

Bellevue University

Boston College

California State University, East Bay

Central Michigan University

Drexel University

Georgia State University

Granite State College

Hope International University

Idaho State University

Indiana State University

Liberty University

Limestone University

Louisiana State University

Maryville University

Northern Illinois University

Oakland University

Ohio State University

Old Dominion University

Oregon State University

Pacific Oaks College

Pennsylvania State University

Pittsburg State University

Providence College

Purdue University

San Diego Christian College

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Temple University

Texas A&M University

University of Alabama

University of Arizona

University of Arkansas

University of California, Davis

University of California, San Diego

University of Central Florida

University of Houston

University of Idaho

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Louisville

University of Maryland – College Park

University of Maryland Global Campus

University of Minnesota

University of New England

University of New Mexico

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas at Tyler

University of Wisconsin – Stout

Valdosta State University

Vanderbilt University

Walsh University

Washington State University

West Chester University of Philadelphia

Western Governors University

Widener University

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