Georgia Businessman Celebrates His Day by Giving Back

MCDONOUGH, Ga., Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reco McDaniel McCambry is a hometown boy. Growing up in McDonough, Georgia, he knew what it was to struggle due to historic injustice. He credits this experience, and the wisdom and strength of his single mom, Deborah Ann Watson, with his success today as a successful CEO, Forbes Business Council member, and author of two books.

One of McCambry’s businesses, Novae, made headlines in 2021 by becoming one of the first Black-owned companies to offer online banking services with unprecedented ease of access to consumers, and Buy Now Pay Later technologies to small business owners. McCambry’s goal in designing Novae’s products has always been to improve access to purchasing power and financial services for communities who have historically been denied these wealth-building tools.

All of that is why January 19th has been designated Mr. Reco McDaniel McCambry Day in McDonough, Georgia. This January, McCambry sponsored a series of events and activities around McDonough designed to celebrate the lives of its residents. A great time was had by all as students were invited to express their thoughts and experiences with inner strength.

In the "Color Me Strong" contest held at Tussahaw Elementary School, McCambry invited students to draw or color pictures of the strongest people in their lives. Fourth and fifth grade students were also invited to write a paragraph about what makes their chosen role model so strong. Big smiles were found on every face as the classes with the most participating students were awarded pizza parties, and fourth and fifth grade contest winners received $50 in gift cards to make life a little sweeter.

At McDonough Middle School, students were invited to create original poems or rap lyrics sharing strategies they use to achieve their own goals. The classes with the most participation in this first annual "Start and Finish Strong" contest received pizza parties, and individual writing contest winners received $75 in GameStop gift cards.

McCambry hopes these experiences will encourage students to continue honing their art and writing skills, and to meditate on where true strength can be found in their lives and communities. He believes it’s important to reward and recognize creativity and self-expression among students, especially on topics that can help them succeed throughout their lives.

As part of the celebration, McCambry also funded the provision of 150 school uniforms for students in need. He announced his new role as a Partner in Education with the school, and as an organizing member of their Dads on Demand organization. Dads on Demand’s mission is to provide father figures and role models to youths in the surrounding community.

A second round of celebrations is planned for July 29th-31st, in honor of the birthday of Reco’s late and great mother. The Deborah Ann Watson Memorial Weekend will include an award ceremony to recognize the unsung heroes of the McDonough community, a basketball tournament and car show at a local park, and a back-to-school event featuring school supply and backpack giveaways and free hair and grooming services to help students look and feel their best.

McDonough residents can follow Reco on Facebook and Instagram at @recomccambry for updates on Deborah Ann Watson Memorial Weekend.

Media contact:
Kathy Jackson