Free Online Library for Families with Developmentally Delayed and Autistic Children

ROSWELL, Ga., Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the rise in autism and developmental disability rates, the need for easy access to helpful information and local resources is greater than ever.  One of the first, and often most challenging, steps towards finding help for a child is to locate local resources and relevant information for the unique needs of each family.   Currently, this online information is fragmented and difficult to find, which often results in frustration for families in their time of need.  In response to this problem, Big Red Truck Learning Systems launched its One Goal Library, a comprehensive and easy-to-use directory of state and local agencies combined with an online database of current research and articles for families looking for autism, developmental and speech/learning disability resources.  "We heard from so many families about the challenges faced looking for local resources related to autism and learning / developmental disabilities. These families would search for hours online and just end up frustrated.  We, at Big Red Truck, wanted to simplify this process so we built the One Goal Library.  The one goal of this comprehensive library is to make finding local and regional resources, as well as current research on autism and learning / developmental research, as easy as possible," says Keith Vargo, CEO of Big Red Truck Learning Systems.  The One Goal Library simplifies the search process and provides relevant information, contact emails and phone numbers, along with descriptions of the agencies and journal articles, all in one location.  The library is free to all users and can be found at

About Big Red Truck Learning Systems:  After finding success with their own speech delayed child, the founders of Big Red Truck were determined to share this learning system with other struggling families.  This pursuit led to the development of Big Red Truck Learning Systems, an integrated educational tool that combines an instructional app with physical interaction into the learning process.  For more information on the company and its Wearables Series, please visit  Inquiries or requests for information should be directed to: