Fall Registration is Now Open for READ Academy

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Education is one of the most important foundations that paves the way for the rest of one’s life. However, sometimes students struggle with learning for reasons beyond their control. 

READ Academy of Sacramento is here to help students who may need extra assistance with learning in order to access their education. There are many conditions that cause students to learn differently. READ Academy is here to provide education that aligns with the students’ needs.

"Everyone deserves an education of the utmost quality, and we are here to ensure that students receive the education they deserve," said the founder of the READ Academy.

Dyslexia is a condition that makes learning to read difficult. READ Academy has an academic program designed specifically for students who struggle in reading, writing, and math also known as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyscalculia

If you are not sure if your student has dyslexia, READ Academy also provides an in-depth Dyslexia Assessment in order to determine if READ Academy can be beneficial for your child. In addition to evidence-based curriculum and specific academic courses for students, the teachers at READ Academy are highly qualified to teach students who struggle with math, reading, and writing.

"The staff at READ Academy of Sacramento is absolutely exceptional. I cannot recommend them enough!" said one parent of a student at READ.

Currently, READ Academy teaches second to ninth grade, with the high school level being implemented in August of 2021. Subsequent high school grades will be added each year until they offer 2nd – 12th-grade education. 

READ Academy offers schooling during the academic school year through a day program, an afternoon tutoring program as well as a summer program. 

Registration for the fall semester is now open. School begins on August 30 and concludes on June 2nd. Classes run Monday through Thursday, with an intervention day on Fridays as needed.

At READ Academy, there are seven class periods, including two lunch and snack breaks. The school day begins at 8:30 and concludes at 2:55.

To enroll, families must submit the most recent psychoeducational assessment for the student along with their most recent report cards dating back 2-3 years. If there are no assessments, READ Academy will schedule a Dyslexia Assessment for you. A brief phone interview with the parents will be held to answer any questions and to scheduling a campus tour and/or a visit day. Once it has been determined that READ Academy is the right placement for your child, a placement assessment will be scheduled in order to schedule your child into the appropriate classes. 

Once this is completed, your child is ready for READ Academy!

For more information about READ Academy, you can visit their website. This contains useful information such as an in-depth breakdown of the curriculum used, as well as staff information and programs available. 

The school calendar and bell schedule can also be found on the website along with an admissions page, a frequently asked questions page, and even a blog so you can learn more about topics relating to education. 

When it comes to that extra attention that students with various learning disabilities deserve, READ Academy of Sacramento is the best there is!

About READ Academy of Sacramento:

Committed to Educating Dyslexic Learners, READ Academy of Sacramento was founded with one purpose – to build a place for students who learn differently to grow, learn and create with each passing day. Through a unique teaching approach, evidence-based curriculum, and a truly passionate staff, we help students develop both academically and personally to reach their highest potential. We invite you to explore our site and discover the educational opportunity and the community READ Academy of Sacramento provides to each and every student. Contact us today to schedule a tour, learn more about enrollment, or ask any other questions you may have about our school.

Contact Information:

Leah Skinner, M.Ed
Dyslexia Therapist
READ Academy of Sacramento
2565 Millcreek Dr. Sacramento, CA 95833
(916) 258-2080


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