Ever Wanted to Become a Math Wizard? It All Starts by Leveling Up Your Skill – Exclusive Award-Winning Silicon Valley Training System Launches Adaptable Program for K-12: RMXplore

CUPERTINO, Calif., Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The founders of the nationally recognized Random Math program recently announced a new training platform created to help students build a strong foundation, maximize their learning potential, and excel in mathematics for a lifetime. RMXplore is based on the Random Math principles that have created math competition champions for years, but restructured and now available to a wider range of students.

“We like to think of math training like athletics,” said Random Math cofounder, Manish Mishra. “Most athletes just want to be better in their field as part of a team, while only a very small percentage will ever want to pursue or qualify for the Olympics. Random Math focuses on intensive training for students who want to be math Olympians, so to speak. And while we have had impressive success with those goals, we realize there are those who also want to be really good at math for a variety of other reasons: like acing AP classes, improving scores on the SAT quantitative section, or those who just enjoy math as an activity. And those are exactly the students we want in RMXplore.”

RMXplore – Math for Fun, Math for the Future

RMXplore is the perfect choice for normal or advanced students who want to have a strong basis in math, do well in STEM courses, and perform well in high school and university courses down the road. Offering both summer classes and year-round instruction in grades K through 12, RMXplore nurtures early interests through elementary school, while helping learners continue to excel in middle school and find success through greater math challenges in high school.

With programs recommended to match each child’s need, RMXplore is available both online (Zoom classes in the U.S., Canada, and India) and in-person (in Webster, Texas, and Cupertino, California). Summer or year-round courses range from Foundational (G1-5), Intermediate (G5-9), and Advanced (G8-12) skills; with the more targeted and modular programs Math Bytes and Math Flash available to all. Programs like Math Flash enhance granular skills like number sense to increase both speed and accuracy in computations. Getting started with RMXplore is easy using a simple registration process. Other RMXplore features include:

  • Placement: Admission and class placement with continuous assessments of achievement and adjustments in course work to compensate.
  • Culture: Promoting rapid progress but in a relaxed environment that focuses far more on teamwork than competition.
  • Experience: Small classes led by experienced coaches using a rigorous curriculum and varied, engaging practice problems.

“We created these programs for the learners who want to significantly improve their skills but may not have the time to devote to the elite training that our Random Math program requires,” said Mishra. “Every single student needs a solid math base if they are going to find success in literally thousands of different careers later on. We can give them that advantage.”

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About Random Math and RMXplore

Founded in 2015, Random Math is a competitive math center focused on building skills for students by using an integrated learning approach – encouraging not only student excellence, but a lifelong passion for math and STEM. RMXplore is created by the same founders of Random Math and is a broader based program that focuses on helping kids build a stronger math foundation to serve them for life. Explore both programs at: www.RandomMath.com and www.RMXplore.com.

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