Driving with Autism — A New Training Website and Practical Resources

FARMINGTON, Conn., Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Learning to drive is an emotional time for anyone.

For the student driver it is a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, from dependence to independence. For a parent it is a time of heightened stress and anxiety.

For the autistic student driver, the excitement and challenge are magnified many times. For the parent the journey from learner to licensed may seem impossible.

Today, with the launch of Driving With Autism there is, at last, the help and support that parents and students need.

Driving With Autism’s founder, Andrew Arboe, himself an autistic adult, says, "I know firsthand of the roadblocks and challenges that may arise during the driving journey. I also know how difficult it can be when there are no autism-centric resources available and the feelings of doubt that arise as a result." Influenced by his own experiences, Arboe has dedicated years to helping other autistic adults achieve their dreams.

Driving With Autism does not teach people to drive. It helps those with autism prepare to drive. Driving With Autism offers support from and to the autistic community, advice from experts in the field of instruction (some of whom are themselves autistic), and real instruction that will help families with autism as they embark on this challenging and exciting new journey.

The cornerstone of Driving With Autism is a 7-part Webinar series taught by a live, virtual expert instructor. It addresses the specific training needs of autistic individuals and focuses on one topic per week teaching in a way that is easy to digest and gives students and parents time and space to process the information before moving on.

The webinar topics include:

  • Motivation: Starting the Driving Journey and Roadmap
  • Parents: Accepting Your New Driver’s Motives and Moving Forward
  • Adding Driving Goals to Your IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
  • Managing Changes and Anxiety
  • Sensory Processing and Limiting Sensory Overload
  • Understanding Police Interactions and Solutions
  • Financial Basics of Driving 101
  • Bringing it all Together – Taking That First Step

Driving With Autism also offers an eBook: Driving With Autism, a Resource Guide.

This comprehensive guide, written by Arboe, who got his license in 2018, walks students, parents and professionals through a variety of topics closely linked to the 7-part Webinar.

Autism can be isolating, frightening and, for some, can result in an unnecessary life of dependence. Now, says Arboe, "You no longer have to embark on this journey alone—you have a resource to empower you."

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