Crossing Borders Is Now Offering One-On-One Language Classes In Spanish, English, French, And Arabic!

HOUSTON, Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Crossing Borders is elated to announce that private, one-on-one language classes in Spanish, English, French, and Arabic are available as our newest offering for children and youth ages 18 months to 10 years of age!

Our new one-on-one classes are accessible from anywhere — from the comfort of your own home and car rides to the park! This is the perfect opportunity to engage your child in a new language through the fun and structured — yet dynamic — learning curriculum that Crossing Borders offers in our private classes.

About Crossing Borders

In its inaugural year — 2001 — owner and CEO of Crossing Borders, Elvia Taylor, carved out a space to provide English and Spanish language classes geared towards adults. Tailoring learning and a language curriculum to Fortune 500 companies, friends, colleagues, and schools, Crossing Borders began from her dining room table!

It was 2005 when Crossing Borders transitioned to a small space in Elvia’s home and expanded to a facility in Houston, TX. With a thriving business, she hired experienced Academic supervisors and created a team to guide parents and teachers to teach Spanish to the littlest learners, preschoolers!

Not only has her curriculum been widely used in education in the last two decades, now she has brought her program online to both group classes and one-on-one private language lessons.

Behind Crossing Borders’ One-On-One Private Language Classes

Forget traditional language learning settings, and provide your child with the best language classes that can be done virtually anywhere! Our expert teachers work with your child using a conversational approach and age-appropriate material to begin building critical speaking and listening skills.

Our language courses are designed with your child’s needs in mind, for an effective and fun way for your child to learn a new language.

Our Approach
Each one-on-one class is an hour in length (60 minutes), and you can meet once to five times each week through video conferencing technology (Zoom).

Every teacher is a certified native-speaking teacher that introduces interactive games, songs, and enriching activities to guide your child through Crossing Borders’ structured, dynamic, and fun curriculum.  

Our Teachers

Crossing Borders takes a unique approach to language learning, so our expectations for our teachers are very high. Not only do we vet each and every one of our language teachers, but we also ensure that they excel in an online and remote learning atmosphere.

Our teachers are certified in their country, by Crossing Borders, and must present a degree from University to be considered. From here, there is rigorous testing to ensure that not only are their language skills exceptional, but also that they have the right personality to work with kids.

Crossing Borders then places them with the age group that they both prefer to teach and the ages that we think they’ll thrive with.

What else do we look for? Energy and charisma are a non-negotiable! We really make an emphasis to choose our teachers based on their energy and charisma. Together, with our head Teacher Coordinator, they must study our method and put it into practice through the presentation of mock classes before they are hired.    

Partner With Crossing Borders In One-On-One Language Classes For Kids!

Ready to give your child the opportunity to learn a new language? Private, one-on-one classes from Crossing Borders is the perfect solution!

Connect with Crossing Borders to enroll your child today!

Gidy Taylor


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