Cognitive Psychologist Dr. Amy Moore Reveals Lessons Learned from Training 101,000 Brains during TEDx West Monroe Speaking Event

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During an independently organized TEDx event in West Monroe, Louisiana, Cognitive Psychologist Dr. Amy Lawson Moore took the stage to reveal results of her research on brain training. Her talk began with a candid story about her own son struggling to read and spell words, including his name, at age nine. After brain training, her son was accepted into gifted and talented language arts and later tested into college-level English.

Dr. Moore begs the question, "How is it possible that my son who once had trouble spelling his own name can pass two college English courses with an A at age 14?" She reveals that her son went through 9 months of individualized brain training at LearningRx and that similar stories echo throughout the worldwide network of brain training centers.

Lessons Learned From Training 101,000 Brains  | Dr. Amy Lawson Moore | TEDxWestMonroe

Brain training, or cognitive training, is a general term for repeated mental task engagement that targets improving cognitive skills like memory, attention, and visualization. There are ‘brain games’ everywhere, but brain training is more than a game. To harness the brain’s ability to change through experience –a phenomenon called neuroplasticity– brain training needs to be intense, complex, targeted, repeated, and arguably delivered by a human. The team at LearningRx has worked with more than 100,000 children and adults in over 6 million brain training sessions.

Since 2015, hundreds of research studies have been published on brain training programs, and Dr. Moore’s name graces over a dozen of them. The peer-reviewed research on the LearningRx brain training methods demonstrates the complexity, universality, and transfer effects of human-delivered brain training for ADHD, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, and age-related cognitive decline.

Research you can read here:

Dr. Moore ends her TEDx talk with a story about a research participant with a severe traumatic brain injury who recovered his life and career after brain training. Dr. Moore says, "It’s a story of hope with the message that we are not stuck with the cognitive cards we’ve been dealt!"

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Dr. Amy Moore is a cognitive psychologist and a brain training researcher in Colorado Springs, CO at the headquarters of LearningRx, the largest network of cognitive training centers in the world. She specializes in the rehabilitation of cognition and learning in neurodevelopmental disorders, brain injury, learning disabilities, and age-related cognitive decline. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Modern Brain Journal, a board-certified Christian counselor, and co-host of the Brainy Moms podcast. Learn more about her work at and

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