Code Fellows Partners With Code-Fusion to Improve Tech Education and Employment In Texas

SAN ANTONIO, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Code-Fusion today announced that it has partnered with Seattle-based Code Fellows, a global leader in technical education to offer software development and cybersecurity courses to individuals throughout Texas. Code-Fusion aims to equip aspiring technologists from all backgrounds with the skills they need to transform their lives and find rewarding careers.

"I have been an instructor in multiple industries, US Navy, banking, payroll systems, managed IT, and now software development. My joy comes from seeing students come to that "fist pump" moment where a lecture becomes clear. That excitement is contagious and I want every student to experience that joy. That "joy", will lead many to a rewarding career in the tech industry. As a veteran, I want to find a way to give back to the veteran community Code-Fusion, along with the strong partnership with Code Fellows, will provide that opportunity to not only veterans, but individuals from all backgrounds." — Roger Huba, CEO of Code-Fusion

Roger Huba is a US Army and Navy veteran and the founder and CEO of Code-Fusion with more 15+ years as an educator. He earned his bachelors in CIS with an emphasis in Computer Forensics, and dual masters in Information System Management and Project Management.

Code-Fusion is dedicated to helping individuals from all backgrounds find connection alongside their education, providing a hands-on approach to learning through live-online courses, they work with each student from the first day, to their new career, and beyond.

Code-Fusion is licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission to teach software development in JavaScript and Python, with future classes planned in Java and Cybersecurity. Offering courses that range from beginner-level one-day workshops where students can test out if a career in tech is right for them, to advanced-level courses for experienced engineers ensuring everyone regardless of background has the skills they need to find a rewarding career in tech.

"We are more than honored to be a part of the work that Code-Fusion is doing throughout the state of Texas and are looking forward to helping students from all backgrounds gain the skills that lead to rewarding careers where they can thrive and help bring about positive change to their families and communities! Partnering together allows us to leverage our collective strengths and ensure we create lasting change. Code-Fusion and Code Fellows share the same vision and through collaboration, we can focus on our individual parts that ensure the whole is complete." — Mitchell Robertson, VP of Business at Code Fellows

Code Fellows‘ graduates have a 93% in-field employment rate, and a median salary of $75,000. In addition, Code Fellows is the number one ranked bootcamp for landing a job at a major tech company, according to a study done by Switchup. This study found that 11.15% of Code Fellow’s alumni are employed at the "Big Five"–Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft–this rate is only matched by the employment rate of Stanford University and outperforms other top university programs including Harvard, UC Berkeley, and Cornell.

Mitchell Robertson


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