Bradford Kane Presents Pitchfork Populism at the Robert C. Byrd Center for Congressional History and Education

WASHINGTON, Sept. 9, 2020 /PR Newswire/ — On Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 7:00 pm Bradford R. Kane will discuss his recent book – Pitchfork Populism: Ten Political Forces That Shaped an Election and Continue to Change America – in a virtual program at the Robert C. Byrd Center.

What political, social, and cultural forces led to the election of Donald Trump and continue to impact his presidency? Political analyst Bradford Kane explores ten dynamics of American politics and society that played a role in the 2016 presidential election and exert an influence on our current politics. Some of these dynamics have deep historical roots, such as the cultural divide between those who define our national identity in terms of rugged individualism versus those who emphasize community collectivism. Kane notes that these opposing viewpoints helped craft our national identity as far back as the 1700s. He also considers the effect of changing demographics, which will have a profound effect on the 2020 election and community relations for years to come.

Kane foresees a reinvigoration of policy processes and governing principles after the Trump presidency, as opposed to decisions based on the president’s personal interests. He anticipates greater empowerment of the electorate as more demographic groups are increasingly enfranchised. Other topics include the role of the media, accountability, globalization, and the future of bipartisanship, as well as their impact on the upcoming election and the post-Trump era.

To register for the event, please visit the Robert C. Byrd Center website.

Author and analyst Bradford Kane has developed policy, legislation, and initiatives in Congress, California state government, and the nonprofit and private sectors. Having begun his career by working in Congress, he returned in 2019 as speechwriter and researcher for Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Initially, he served as legislative counsel to Congresswoman Cardiss Collins and counsel to the Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce & Consumer Protection, and was a member of President Clinton’s Task Force on Health Care Reform. Kane next served the State of California as Deputy Controller for Legislation, and as a Deputy Secretary of Information Technology. Subsequently, he was a member of the Nielsen Media Research Task Force on Television Measurement, created the Bipartisan Bridge, and developed environmental, economic, and racial equity initiatives. In the global arena, he was a member of the United Nations Global Alliance on ICT & Development, CEO of the International Commission on Workforce Development, and Director of Strategic Initiatives and International Development at TechSoup Global. Kane was a featured contributor on The Huffington Post, and contributor to the book, Dream of a Nation: Inspiring Ideas for a Better America. He earned his B.A. at University of California, Davis, and his J.D. at U.C. Hastings College of Law.

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