Announcing Gravyty 4.0: This is AI for Fundraising

BOSTON, Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the first and leading artificial intelligence (AI) company serving the Social Good sector, Gravyty has seen unprecedented growth in the demand for fundraiser enablement powered by AI. Today, the company introduces Gravyty Version 4.0, which brings donor data security to all customers, creates unprecedented pathways to expand the culture of philanthropy across organizations, connects donor journeys to major giving, scales infrastructure for industry-leading implementation times, and more.

"Less than five years ago, we predicted that AI would empower fundraisers to operate more efficiently than ever before thought possible. Gravyty was founded to lead this transformation and create technology specifically for nonprofit organizations," said Adam Martel, CEO of Gravyty. "As these efficiencies continue to improve and organizations see new and increased giving come from their fundraising teams, Gravyty’s AI fundraiser enablement tools are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Gravyty has experienced massive growth in the last year, and we’re excited to push the limits again with the release of Gravyty 4.0."

Hundreds of nonprofit organizations across education, mission-based causes, and healthcare manage millions of donors each month with Gravyty. Gravyty prepared for this growth in the past year by investing in the technical infrastructure to ensure customers could focus on the most critical part of their day: engaging with donors and prospects. As a result, organizations can expand the culture of philanthropy, connect donor journeys to giving, experience an unprecedented fast and complete implementation, and protect donor data like never before.

Gravyty 4.0 includes:

Gravyty Guard For All Customers

With data security being the top concern at every nonprofit organization, Gravyty met the moment to help organizations protect their donor data by addressing the problem like no other technology provider in the nonprofit sector with the introduction of Gravyty Guard. Gravyty Guard is the industry’s first AI-enabled human layer security solution specifically designed for the rigors of fundraising. Due to the overwhelming importance of this innovation, Gravyty Guard is now included for all Gravyty customers to ensure that organizations protect their most important assets, donor data.

Gravyty Guard protects nonprofit organizations and their well-intentioned employees from unintentional data breaches, which account for 85% of all violations. Protecting against three key areas: email infiltration, data exfiltration, and anomalous behavior, Gravyty Guard alerts fundraisers to potential data breaches and empowers leaders to build policies that fit our increasingly digital world.

Threats that Gravyty Guard helps organizations protect against include phishing and spear phishing, unauthorized data transfers, and abnormalities like misdirected emails, and accidentally sending personally identifiable information (PII) specific to nonprofit donor data.

Gravyty Connect+

Good stewardship involves timely and personal gift acknowledgment. Great stewardship includes multiple personal touchpoints throughout the year from someone directly impacted by a gift. Gravyty Connect empowers nonprofit leaders to expand a culture of philanthropy at their organization. Gravyty Connect+ takes the concept a monumental step forward, prompting appropriate and consistent outreach to any donor throughout the year.

Early users of Connect+ love the product because it empowers them to demonstrate their interest in donors and build relationships rather than just solicit prospects. For example, many of Gravyty’s mid-level giving officers use Connect+ to thank and cultivate donors with multiple touchpoints throughout the year before soliciting the next gift. This technique, backed by Gravyty’s AI, creates on-ramps for future major gift donors.

Gravyty LIVE Upgrades

Since the launch of Gravyty LIVE, hundreds of customers have received expert one-on-one guidance from Gravyty’s expert fundraising professionals to align AI-enabled donor engagement with their organization’s strategy, resulting in giving outcomes that would otherwise have been impossible. Gravyty 4.0 includes amazing updates, including Gravyty LIVE Analytics and Donor Journeys to this experience, tying giving back to fundraising outreach activity.

"The insights that Gravyty LIVE Analytics provide to fundraising leaders are transformative," explained Lisa Alvezi, Gravyty’s VP of customer success. "Through Gravyty LIVE Analytics, fundraising leaders understand precisely how outreach drives giving results or uncovers alarming gaps. And, because Gravyty LIVE aligns strategy with technology, we’re able to fine-tune and alter approaches, so they directly impact the bottom line in positive ways."

Gravyty LIVE Analytics empowers leaders to ask about their team’s outreach effectiveness, how many donors fundraisers are connecting with, and the types of donors they aren’t spending enough time with. These reports identify specific opportunities that are left on the table.

For example, Gravyty LIVE Analytics helped one organization use portfolio saturation reporting and donor journeys to uncover an alarming trend with LYBUNT donors. Leadership and Gravyty promptly adjusted strategy and aligned the AI to focus on this donor segment, securing an additional $1.75M in gifts in just six months.

Donor Journey reporting is a fascinating piece of Gravyty LIVE Analytics. People give to people. Now, leaders can precisely understand which touchpoints lead to giving outcomes. Whether it’s first-time gifts, increased giving, or major gifts with Gravyty Donor Journeys, it’s never been easier to visualize the results of an organization’s interactions with a donor.

Gravyty LIVE Analytics is free to all Gravyty LIVE customers using email integration.

Streamlined Implementation

Gravyty rebuilt the entire implementation infrastructure in anticipation of growth, allowing quicker, easier onboarding for new customers. As customers are onboarded in record numbers, they also see a record-breaking implementation process and speed.

"When we look at the giving outcomes Gravyty delivers back to its customers, the only way to describe it is transformational. We want to deliver that value as quickly as possible. By investing in the implementation team and infrastructure, we’ve truly developed a world-class implementation process that’s amazingly fast, often less than four weeks from kick-off to launch," said Marijana Radic Boone, Gravyty’s Director of Data Solutions and Implementation.

Email Integration

Gravyty email integration unlocks unprecedented opportunities for productivity and donor data security for fundraisers. The tool runs seamlessly in the background, providing fundraisers with a first-of-its-kind lens into their donors through engagement alerts, analytics on their outreach, and writebacks directly into the CRM.

  • Engagement Alerts empower fundraisers to ask some of the most pressing questions about their outreach. Did my email to this donor hit the right topic? Did I make the right ask? Fundraisers see when donors open, click, and respond to messages, so they can objectively evaluate relationships.
  • Email Analytics allow fundraisers to definitively assess which activities are the best use of their time. Gravyty’s email analytics empower fundraisers to qualify and disqualify donors and prospects with conviction by measuring the effectiveness of their outreach.
  • Seamless Writebacks of Gravyty-prompted outreach into the CRM or database eliminates time-consuming menial tasks. Gravyty captures a fundraiser’s initial email, the response, and that chain moving forward for anyone in a fundraiser’s portfolio. Additionally, organizations never fear losing relationship data with seamless writebacks when fundraisers transfer in and out of portfolios or jobs.

Special Campaigns

Gravyty now makes special campaigns automated and approachable for fundraisers by mobilizing gift officers around a single initiative with the click of a button. Gravyty’s AI seamlessly prioritizes donors for special campaigns based on an organization’s giving criteria, keeping fundraisers in control of every relationship, regardless of the ongoing campaign.

Many customers use Gravyty Special Campaigns so fundraisers maintain personalized and clear messaging as they incorporate 3-2-1 fiscal year-end campaigns, days of giving, and 24-hour appeals into their outreach. Gravyty fundraisers have achieved 100% portfolio saturation for special campaigns with these features while approaching even the largest donors appropriately and thoughtfully.

Control Center

Gravyty’s Control Center is the self-serve resource that helps fundraisers fine-tune efficiencies and time savings. Control Center provides access to on-demand admin tools that empower fundraisers to command the AI that drives donor outreach.

The Gravyty Control Center is a fundraiser’s single destination for customizing options such as:

  • Finding stewardship opportunities
  • Planning birthday outreach to donors
  • Adjusting out-of-office settings
  • Searching follow-up notes
  • Pausing & triggering new Gravyty prompts
  • Adding administrative assistants to outreach to help fundraisers manage responses and book meetings.

SOC 2 Security

As the market-defining leader of AI for fundraising, Gravyty is the first technology of its kind to complete the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) Type 1 audit, meeting the most rigorous standards of security compliance.

SOC 2 compliance is an accreditation developed by the AICPA. To qualify for SOC 2, Gravyty demonstrated, via an independent third-party audit conducted by Wolf & Company, PC, that it has controls in place to ensure the security, availability, and processing integrity of users’ data. Gravyty passed each section of this audit, which included three rounds of review, with top-level compliance.

To learn more about Gravyty 4.0 and how Gravyty’s customers are meeting the moment and crushing fundraising goals, schedule a demo.

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