A New Approach to Kentucky Teacher Rank Change Seeks to Increase Teacher Growth and Retention in Kentucky

ASHLAND, Ky., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Kentucky Educational Development Corporation (KEDC), in partnership with BloomBoard, is accelerating career advancement for Kentucky teachers to support their growth and retention. New survey data from the nonprofit RAND Corporation suggests that one out of four teachers nationwide is considering quitting due to increased pandemic-related demands. Meanwhile, Kentucky teacher enrollment in the continuing education program, "Foundations in Teaching and Learning," has tripled in 2021. More than 250 teachers are enrolled to earn Rank I or Rank II through job-embedded micro-credentials.

Research shows that high-quality, effective teachers are the most important factor in determining students’ success in school. Unfortunately, COVID burnout is making it more difficult for schools to attract and retain teachers. Foundations in Teaching and Learning offers teachers an opportunity for renewal as they return to school this fall – without adding an extra burden.

"COVID burnout remains a real challenge for everyone, especially teachers," said Tanya Queen, Special Education instructor at Catlettsburg Elementary. "Last year, I wanted an opportunity to advance in my career, but I wasn’t sure I’d have the time or money to go back to a university for a second master’s degree. Foundations in Teaching and Learning gives me the flexibility to earn rank change without leaving my classroom — and at a price that I can afford. This program allows you to take control of your professional growth and rediscover teaching with purpose."

Micro-Credentials and Career Advancement

National data trends show a progressive decrease in educator preparation program enrollment and completion in recent years, and Kentucky falls below the national average. KEDC’s Foundations in Teaching and Learning program presents school and district leaders with a new avenue for educators to pursue meaningful careers in the classroom, promoting growth in the Kentucky teacher workforce. In addition, this state board-approved alternative to a traditional master’s degree program enables Kentucky teachers to earn compensation changes and career advancement opportunities.

"Micro-credential-based programs like Foundations in Teaching and Learning promote teacher retention because they offer an accessible and flexible alternative for career advancement that, until recently, has only been available through traditional university instruction," said Sanford Kenyon, CEO of BloomBoard. "We’re encouraged by growing enrollment in our rank change program and its potential to improve both teacher and student outcomes in Kentucky classrooms."

The Education Professional Standards Board’s approval of the Foundations in Teaching and Learning program qualifies it as a rank change vehicle for teachers to achieve permanent Rank II or Rank I and to receive associated recognition and salary advancement in all public school districts in Kentucky.

Additional program and enrollment information is available at bloomboard.com/program/kedc-continuing-education/.

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