zSpace Expands Workforce Training Applications on Glasses-free AR/VR Laptop at ACTE Careertech Vision

PHOENIX, Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — zSpace, Inc., a leading education company and innovator in augmented and virtual reality technology, will proudly unveil its expanded Career and Technical Education (CTE) and workforce applications tomorrow at the ACTE Careertech Vision Conference. This significant development incorporates cutting-edge applications from four renowned companies enhancing zSpace’s commitment to transform education by improving STEM performance and workforce preparedness through immersive and interactive learning experiences.

The following companies’ applications are now seamlessly integrated into zSpace’s glasses-free augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) Laptop, Inspire, showcased exclusively at ACTE Careertech Vision:

  • Biodigital’s state-of-the-art biological visualization software enables students and professionals to explore the human body in unprecedented detail. This integration provides a comprehensive understanding of biology and medical concepts, fostering a new era of interactive learning for health careers.
  • Certification Partners’ data science and AI training modules supplement existing zSpace-enabled applications with courses, exams and certifications to bridge the gap between theory and application to how AI solutions and Data Science intersect to create scalable solutions in a variety of businesses and industries.
  • Systran’s simulations allow students to dive into the complexities of process technology in the gas/oil industry. These immersive modules provide an in-depth exploration of industrial processes, empowering learners with valuable insights and knowledge essential for success in these critical sectors.
  • Labtech’s Renewable Energy Fundamentals‘ simulations allow zSpace users to explore renewable energy technologies, including solar and wind power, while gaining practical insights into sustainable practices. This integration equips learners with knowledge crucial for addressing the challenges of a rapidly changing energy landscape.

“At zSpace, we are dedicated to revolutionizing education by providing immersive, interactive, and practical learning experiences,” said Michael Carbenia, Sr. Executive Director of Workforce at zSpace. “Our collaboration with these industry leaders signifies a significant step forward in our mission to prepare students and professionals for the demands of the modern workforce.”

For more information or a demonstration, visit zSpace Booth 307 at ACTE CareerTech VISION in Phoenix on November 30th and December 1st, 2023. To learn how other schools have implemented zSpace technology, attend the session, “Empowering Diversity: Exploring CTE Careers Through Inclusive Recruitment” on December 1st at 10:00 am MST.

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zSpace, Inc. has been focused on immersive experiences since its inception and is a leading education company within the Metaverse. zSpace’s evidence-based augmented/virtual reality platform provides innovative hands-on, experiential learning to improve achievement in science, math and career and technical education credentialing. Over 3,700 school districts, technical centers, community colleges and universities use zSpace to provide equitable access to instruction for millions of learners preparing for success in college and careers. Located in San Jose, California, it has more than 70 patents. zSpace was named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Inc., “Best in Show at ISTE” by Tech & Learning Magazine for three consecutive years and ranked two years in a row on the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies. Visit www.zspace.com, or follow @zSpace on X.

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