World Lab Technologies Announces Its Latest Venture, Space Lab

SHERIDAN, Wyo., Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — World Lab Technologies – the investment fund founded by renowned Moldovan venture capitalist Alexandr Jucov – is proud to announce its latest venture, Space Lab.

Under the leadership of Alexandr Jucov, World Lab Technologies (WLT) has mobilized large funds to invest in high-impact companies, technologies, and projects to create a more sustainable, equitable, and diverse future. Since 2013, these efforts have focused on the Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence, Renewable Energy, Infrastructure & Logistics, Health & Education, and Sports & Entertainment spaces, building international respect and recognition in the process.

Now, with the launch of Space Lab, WLT is entering the space exploration sector. With Forbes estimating in 2021 that the total value of space-focused companies worldwide had exceeded $4 trillion, there is unquestionably rising interest in the area. Yet, current market leaders like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin have not fully capitalized on the multitude of opportunities that space exploration presents, and, moreover, recent events – such as private space flights – have created negative public perception of their activities.

Space Lab was founded to be different.

"Without question, Humanity today faces daunting challenges, such as climate change, global health challenges, and economic inequality, to name a few," says Alexandr Jucov, the CEO and Founder of World Lab Technologies. "But with Space Lab, my latest venture, I hope to help unify Humanity through the exploration of space."

Mr. Jucov added, "Whereas space exploration was once an exclusive domain left to a select number of governments, today, private companies are taking the lead. With enough capital and support, we know we can accomplish great things in the communications, space travel and management, and resource exploration spaces."

To learn more about World Lab Technologies, its ventures, and its upcoming pre-Initial Public Offering as well as its Initial Public Offering, click here.

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"World Lab Technologies, Inc. is committed to meeting the unprecedented challenges that the world currently faces. We believe that through our dedication to science, technology, and execution of Impact Projects, we can make positive, meaningful and practical change.

We must start from a concrete and solid foundation and we have identified significant projects in CEE in which we believe such impact can be made with both short-term and long-term benefits.

Our corporation was founded precisely based on our belief that we can work together to meet these changes and challenges and ultimately make a positive and profound difference." – Alexandr Jucov, Founder & CEO

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