TutorCam Reinvents Remote Learning with Simple, Effective Features!

WALNUT, Calif., Sept. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The TutorCam is the revolutionary tool making remote learning easier 𑁋 and fun. With its incredibly easy setup that requires no cords, software, or apps to download, you can learn from anywhere!

TutorCam transforms your smartphone or tablet into a personal learning station where you can share textbooks, homework, art projects, sheet music, and more. The specially designed optical lens harnesses the power of the high-quality camera you already own.

From the mind of Brandon Kennington, founder of the L.A.-based innovation company BlueKube, there came a need to improve remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When classrooms were closed, and family and friends had to keep their distance, it wasn’t long before Kennington knew there needed to be a solution to the sudden disconnect everyone was experiencing.

With no easy way for teachers to include necessary visuals in their lessons, education was stumped. This caused an overall decline in student attentiveness, negatively affecting grades and the learning experience.

Kennington found the solution he was looking for by inventing TutorCam, the simple answer to a complicated problem. With TutorCam, he brought students and teachers together in a remote learning environment.

TutorCam is available in two versions: TutorCam GO and TutorCam PRO.

As the name TutorCam GO implies, this version is best for students on the move! Easily fold it flat in a backpack and head out to your study group, or keep your home desk clear of clutter by sliding it into a drawer. Share your worksheets with your teacher, read along with classmates, and never fall behind due to distance.

TutorCam PRO is great for teachers with its larger structure capable of holding a tablet and built-in rechargeable LED light to keep the workspace well-lit. Guide your students through lessons from anywhere while sharing worksheets, mini whiteboards, textbooks, science experiments, and more.

The only technology you need with TutorCam is your phone or tablet. Simply align the optical lens located on the back of the faceplate with your camera. That’s all it takes to let the learning begin!

With TutorCam, open up a whole new world of learning and teaching! The only limit is your imagination.

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