Time is Running Out! October 31st Deadline for Student Loan Forgiveness PSLF Limited Waiver

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — October is here, just in time to get started with student loan forgiveness before the new year! My Education Solutions is here to help.

There are two different opportunities to have student loan debt forgiven this month that clients need to be aware of.

First, there is a hard deadline of October 31st on the PSLF Limited Waiver which is different from Biden’s One Time Student Loan Debt Cancellation of $10,000$20,000 forgiveness plan. Many consumers are very confused by the government putting two forgiveness plans out at the same time which can end up costing them thousands of lost forgiveness if they don’t move quickly.

Make the PSLF Waiver a priority because those who have made payments towards their student loans since October 2007 may qualify to help clients eliminate part or all of their student loan debt now.

My Education Solutions (MES) provides resources and online tools to those seeking assistance in student loan forgiveness and have helped more than a hundred clients receive student loan forgiveness with an average of $69,233 savings per client. Not everyone qualifies for the PSLF Waiver and results vary depending on each client.

My Education Solutions says it is important for clients to get started on their application paperwork now for the PSLF Limited Waiver which will include getting all of their Public Service Loan Forgiveness applications formerly known as the Employment Certification Forms (ECF) signed by their employer’s Human Resource Department. This form is to validate that all employers are qualifying employers for the PSLF Limited Waiver. Qualifying employers are Public Service types of entities such as Government, Federal, State, City, or Tribal, Active Military, Education and Non-Profit that are tax exempt under 501(c)(3) tax revenue code or a private nonprofit that provides specific type of public services.

For those with questions who want to speak with a student loan advisor and avoid the long hold times at their servicer, reach out to My Education Solutions today. After speaking with a student loan forgiveness advisor and if clients qualify, they can apply over the phone or online. Once the application has been submitted, MES closely tracks the Department of Education application and keeps clients informed on the state of both their application and student loan forgiveness program. My Education Solutions Client Advocate Portal (CAP) shows clients all of the payments made, received by the Servicers, government documents, and tracking system software which is available to all their clients.

Whatever the student loan situation may be, MES may be able to help! Even for those with a significant amount of student loan debt, they can use My Education Solutions’ calculator and speak to an MES Student loan advisor today.

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