Third Iron Announces LibKey Integration with Scite

LibKey Functionality Now Available for Scite Users

ST PAUL, Minn., April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Third Iron, LLC, a leading information technology company developing innovative services for libraries, publishers, and their users, announced an integration of LibKey, the intelligent linking technology that delivers the fastest, most reliable, and informed linking to full text, with Scite, an award-winning tool that helps researchers discover and understand research findings through Smart Citations. This integration enables organizations that subscribe to both LibKey and Scite to seamlessly connect users from article citations found in Scite to the full text from subscription and Open Access sources provided by libraries.

“Scite is an incredibly useful service that enables and expedites research,” said Kendall Bartsch, CEO of Third Iron. “The LibKey integration further enhances the Scite user journey by clearly indicating what full text is available from within Scite article records, then connects the researcher directly to the full text.”  John Seguin, Third Iron President and Chief Librarian, continued, “This collaboration is a great example of how companies can come together to help libraries maximize the value of their resources by leveraging the benefits of complementary services.” 

This integration of LibKey and Scite brings immense value to researchers by streamlining access to a wealth of academic resources and enhancing their ability to discern the impact and context of research findings through citation analysis. This allows scholars to conduct more informed research, build upon credible work, and contribute more effectively to their field of study.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Third Iron and bring this LibKey integration to our library customers. Their technology solves a fundamental problem for researchers and librarians: frictionless access to research content covered by existing subscriptions,” stated Scite’s Chief Technology Officer, Ashish Uppala. “By joining forces, researchers using scite to find high quality research now have a one-click pathway to the PDF, and librarians can rest assured that they’re maximizing the value of their journal subscriptions. Given the stellar track record that Scite and Third Iron have in working with academic libraries across the world, and the natural fit between our two platforms, this marks the beginning of a truly special collaboration as we continue to make research more efficient.”

LibKey with Scite is available for all libraries who subscribe to both services. The integration is activated automatically.

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