TheBeamer Now Offering Free Online Science Resources for Remote Learning and Fun with Friends, Developed with Grants from the National Science Foundation

EAST HARTFORD, Conn., Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TheBeamer LLC, a developer of recreational and educational products, today announced that it is providing free access to the Stardust Mystery Online. These resources allow children at school and home to learn a fantastic science story, have fun, and enjoy safely interacting with friends, parents, and grandparents. Developed for late elementary and middle school students with grants from the National Science Foundation and Connecticut Innovations, the Stardust Mystery Online offers: animated science videos, illustrated science stories, an on-line glossary, science questions, lesson plans, student projects, and interactive Expert Avatars.  Video games and an illustrated book may be purchased.

The Stardust Mystery is the amazing story of how humans are made of stardust pieces (atoms) that were once in the bodies of Albert Einstein and the Last T-Rex (see Image).  The story explains how atoms, which make up human bodies, were created during the evolution of the Universe and have been shared by plants and animals during the history of planet Earth.  It explores the structure, types and combinations of atoms.

“There are so many wonderful and exciting stories in science to tell,” said Dr. Peter Solomon, CEO of TheBeamer LLC. “I want to get our children interested in science by sharing those stories through the media they like best. I believe integrating science concepts into exciting stories is the best way for children to learn.” 

The resources are available at on the KIDS, KIDS-PROJECTS, and EDUCATOR pages. The animated science videos are also on the Stardust Mystery YouTube Channel (see for example: How Big Are My Atoms?).  The Stardust  Mystery Characters (see image) take students on riveting adventures in the Cosmic Egg (time, space, and size-change travel ship) to present scientific concepts unified in coherent stories.

About TheBeamer LLC:  Established in 2014, TheBeamer is a developer of recreational and educational products. Since 2016, the company has partnered with the University of Connecticut, Sacred Heart University, Becker College, and Half Full Nelson, LLC to create the Stardust Mystery video games, animated science videos and Expert Avatars.

Dr. Peter Solomon, CEO,
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