The Unlikely Teacher Creates Virtual Solution for Stressed Out Educators

CHICAGO, Aug. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tim Clue is a learning challenged youth who became known as The Unlikely Teacher and a top motivational speaker and advocate for educators across the country. Clue is bringing a reimagined online experience to school districts unable to gather for traditional in-person training.

“As an untraditional learner or as I like to say, left-handed dyslexic ADHD rug rat,” Clue states, “I’ve been fortunate to bring my humor and approach to our nation’s educators and schools. But when things suddenly changed, I was challenged to play a part in this next turn and address the stress and burden of distant learning. But the creative challenge was how to maintain the same degree of interaction, humor and vibrant content in a remote setting.”

Recharge & Repair was the result, a virtual seminar designed to prepare educators for an unpredictable school year. Live interactive polling, paired with funny, artful images and video create a one of kind theatrical webinar that provides laughter and relieves stress.

A partnership with the innovative tech design company, SlidePro Solutions, was a vital step for Clue and his business partner, Spike Manton, to elevate the experience. Manton elaborates, “The interactive elements and the creative use of multi-media allows us to provide a relief from the same old online experience and the crushing screen fatigue that results.”

“Look, I was a bad student, then an okay teacher, and then a great teacher,” Clue explains. “My life has been all about education and improving the process of learning. Developing and presenting Recharge & Repair is a chance to acknowledge and reward other educators who are engaged in that process on a daily basis.”

Manton adds, “It’s simply a fun, relevant way to provide a little catharsis, laughter, and a path forward in uncertain times.”

Educational author Carol Dweck’s foundational work on “Fixed versus Growth mindset” will undergo a historical stress test with kids, teachers and parents as we all lean hard on our best practices and untested processes and yes, probably pray a bit, for the best outcomes. 

Clue and Manton both sigh and nod, “Yep, that’s it. Yep.”

Spike Manton, Owner, EIO LLC


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