The Regenesis Project and Prodrome Sciences Launch Clinical Trial, Plasmalogen Supplement Demonstrates Potential to Support Memory Function

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Problems with failing memory are common for many individuals as they grow older, and is particularly characteristic of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Research shows that aging-related cognitive decline may be affected by Omega-3 levels and the health of cell membranes. Certain nutritional supplements developed to target Omega-3 and plasmalogen levels have shown promise in supporting brain health among older adults.

Plasmalogens are unique lipid molecules that are necessary for optimal neurological health and performance. Plasmalogen levels decrease with age as the body is no longer able to make enough to keep up with demand; this phenomenon appears to be amplified in degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. While it is not possible to replenish plasmalogens through diet alone, supplementation involving Omega-3 and DHA may help boost plasmalogen levels.

ProdromeSciences has developed a 100% vegan and all-natural Omega-3 nutritional supplement oil, ProdromeNeuro.  ProdromeNeuro is specifically designed to elevate Omega-3 plasmalogens, support cellular function, and help restore, maintain, and optimize neural membranes. The first human trial of this supplement successfully demonstrated increased Omega-3 plasmalogen levels in all six subjects at 24-hours post-consumption (p<0.001). On average, these participants yielded 24-hour plasmalogen levels at 180% of baseline. No adverse reactions were observed.

The Regenesis Project, a clinical research program led by expert neurologist Dr. Sheldon Jordan, is investigating the ProdromeNeuro oil supplement among participants with age-related cognitive decline. It is hoped that the consumption of this product over the course of 4 months will yield improved plasmalogen levels and optimized memory function.

Study enrollment is already over 50% complete.  To learn more about this study and how to enroll, visit

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