The Marcus Hall Civic Engagement Academy’s Virtual Courses Are Exactly What the Black Community in Boston Needs Now!

BOSTON, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Black Economic Justice Institute launches the Marcus Hall Civic Engagement Academy’s (MHCEA) Spring 2021 Cohort!  Last week, we saw Intending students begin to register for the highly anticipated course that brings communities together in ways that only education can. Through an increased awareness of Black History, as it relates to Black Leaders who helped shape the American economy, Financial Literacy, and Life Skills to help promote a healthy knowledge of civic engagement within the BIPOC community, teenagers and young adults will engage in learning outcomes that foster real community change from within.  This week, BEJI continues to accept registration and promote the importance of civic engagement through education from Black History Month, through the Spring. 

Who is Marcus Hall? Marcus Hall was a Boston resident and community leader who started the BOOTH initiative: Brothers Out of The Hood, to promote conflict resolution in the streets. Unfortunately, he was gunned down while taking his son to the Barbershop in 2016. The Marcus Hall Civic Engagement Academy, an eight-week long virtual set of courses, is aimed at keeping Marcus’ legacy alive and uplifting the community through education in four main areas: Understanding their Community, Advocacy, Financial Literacy, and Black History. Beginning from February 8th and running until May 17th, The Boston Economic Justice Institute will be offering the MHCEA courses virtually during the pandemic, and free of charge to the Boston Community. Zoom meetings will take place bi-weekly for two hours, with a host of community leaders and government officials kicking off the first hour.  The second hour will be a learning session for students engaging them in discussion around each week’s topic.

BEJI is no stranger to civic engagement. For the last eight years, BEJI spent their time frequently gathering the media around initiatives to promote the economic advancement of Blacks in Boston, raising nearly $100K in grant money to aid the Black Communities in Boston hit by the pandemic, and leading Black Lives Matter protests, locally, to end racial injustice. Now, with the Marcus Hall Civic Engagement Academy, BEJI hopes to support teenagers and young adults on their journeys to adulthood, while discovering how to turn their aspirations for change in their communities into active social change through their own civic engagement. The Founders of BEJI, Priscilla Flint-Banks and Bro Lo Banks believe that “Civic education needs to prepare youth not just for the voting booth but for deep engagement in their communities, offline and online.” The Marcus Hall Civic Engagement Academy serves to do just that!

Registration is now open! Although this is a free-to-the-public event, registration is required in order to adequately prepare for the 2-month educational journey. For more information on courses and registration details, visit The Black Economic Justice Institute online.

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SOURCE The Black Economic Justice Institute

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