The Grad Mobile’s Custom, Socially-Distanced Commencement Ceremonies Celebrate Graduating Seniors During Covid

BALTIMORE, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Grad Mobile is back in 2021 after helping more than 450 college and high school graduates recognize their achievements last spring during the height of the pandemic. By bringing his graduation stage to driveways, parking lots, community parks, and culs-de-sac, professional entertainer Michael Rosman creates a safe space for families to acknowledge their graduates with customized ceremonies. 

The ceremonies combine the best parts of traditional graduations with fun-filled components designed by the families to create personalized commencements. Students “graduate” when, where, and with whom they want. With The Grad Mobile on-site, anyone in attendance may be invited to speak from the podium. 

The Grad Mobile was created by Rosman to surprise his daughter with a mock graduation ceremony when her college’s actual ceremony was canceled along with pretty much everything else last May. Rosman, based in Baltimore, Maryland, found it was a hit after friends and others requested surprise ceremonies for their own graduates.

As word spread, The Grad Mobile hosted three to five ceremonies a day! Suddenly, hundreds of memorable events had been created. This year, as many ceremonies are still only virtual, or with a very limited number of guests permitted, The Grad Mobile offers a welcome option. 

When Rosman isn’t running custom graduations, he’s a comedy juggler and circus performer. He has entertained audiences around the world. For 2021, he and his circus performer friends plan to have Grad Mobiles in cities across America.

Quotes heard in 2020 about The Grad Mobile:
— “The Grad Mobile idea wins the pandemic as far as I’m concerned.”
— “This might be the best thing to come out of COVID-19.”
— “Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us a way to celebrate something important we would have lost due to Covid.”

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