The Courage Needed to Save K-12 Public Education in America

TONAWANDA, N.Y., May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The battles in America are now being played out on the battlegrounds of our schools. Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC has provided their collective expertise including 13 authors and scholars in education in their newly released book entitled, Educational REHAB: An Unprecedented Opportunity to Restore K-12 Public Education. They aren’t afraid to tackle the most controversial topics in education that are creating a divided and emotionally charged America. From leadership adversity in their first co-authored book, Escaping the School Leader’s Dunk Tank to their latest release entitled, 100 No-Nonsense Things that ALL Teachers Should STOP Doing, Pushing Boundaries Co-Founders, Rebecca Coda & Dr. Rick Jetter, have the courage to shed light on status quo topics that many other organizations will not touch. Without a doubt, K-12 public education has been in crisis since the onset of the pandemic which has led to a systemic societal ripple effect of many other crises. Look at just a few of the most recent headlines as they pertain to the emergencies happening within our K-12 public education system right now:

"Middle school principal dies by suicide on Southern California campus, officials say."
-NBC News, March 14, 2022

"We have become medical directors, rather than instructional leaders."
-School Administrators Association of New York State, Annual Survey, March 10, 2022

"Video: Substitute Teacher Left Bloody After Chair-Throwing Fight with Middle Schoolers."
-Resist the Mainstream, March 11, 2022

"U.S. schools failing in fight against youth mental health crisis, new report card finds."
USA Today, February 16, 2022

Any one of these headlines sound the alarm of concern for our educational institutions. We cannot afford to lose more teachers to the profession, more administrators to death, more students to mental illness and suicide, or more community members thrusted into an unprepared workforce after high school graduation. The U.S. Department of Education authorized $122 billion dollars to support an effort of rescue; yet, we are far worse off because rehabilitative efforts need to be spearheaded by local communities in conjunction with school staff. K-12 public education cannot be reformed with just money and without a community approach that values divergent contributions which is what Educational REHAB recommends.  

An inside look on what has always worked in teaching and learning, questions we all need to ask, and practices or policies that no longer work, the authors conclude their book with a remarkable Call to Action which will engage communities to become involved in the grass roots rebuilding of our system. 

The authors contend that schools CAN become thriving, safe, and risk-taking institutions of learning—which will ultimately produce the world’s happiest and brightest members of society. Progress is made when everybody does something in the name of Educational REHAB during this unprecedented opportunity of reform which affects us all.

"We are at the doorstep of a new chapter in American Education and must use this moment as a reset opportunity. We need ALL hands, on deck, to level up our system. We must involve teachers, school leaders, families, students, and entire communities. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not meant to be easy. I want you all to work together."
Miguel Cardona, U.S. Secretary of Education, ASCD Annual Conference, March 2022

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Rebecca Coda
Dr. Rick Jetter 

SOURCE Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC