Texas Alternative Home School Offers Students Alternative Ways to Get Their High School Diploma

FORT WORTH, Texas, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Texas Alternative Home School, a non-profit that provides state law compliant degrees, offers students who can’t graduate high school, who never got their degree, or who never received a GED a path forward. Located in Texas, but serving clients all across the United States, TAHS provides both in-person and virtual correspondence, ensuring that no matter the needs of their students, there’s always a solution that works.

"Our programs are perfect for high schoolers who are unsure if they can graduate or adults who want to grow in their career and need a high school degree to move up," says Dr. Shawn W. Clark, Director of Texas Alternative Home School. The goal is to help students earn a Texas State Law compliant diploma and official transcripts without standardized testing and with no age limits to who can be a student.

Texas Alternative Home School even offers ESL adult education courses for those whose first language is not English. Their curriculum is focused on Accelerated Christian Education (ACL), which is exceptional for their students. With a number of programs to choose from, the mission of TAHS is to completely eliminate the high school dropout rate. "We know that a high school diploma can be the difference in finding open doors to a good career," notes Dr. Clark.

"Traditional public high schools are not the best option for everyone, and whether you finished part of high school, haven’t started, or left high school a while ago, we offer a variety of in-person and at-home programs to assist you with earning your Texas State Law compliant high school diploma and official transcript," says Dr. Clark. The TAHS website provides information on how to get started, enrollment schedules, programs, graduation, graduate guidelines, reviews, and more.

Whether students are seeking better career opportunities, better pay options, improvement in practical skills, a reduced risk of unemployment, or increased job opportunities, Texas Alternative Home School seeks to provide convenient, effective, affordable solutions.

About Texas Alternative Home School
Texas Alternative Home School was created with the mission of offering personalized home school courses to help students achieve their goals. With programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each student, TAHS seeks to help students take charge of their future with adult education classes. Whether the goal is to advance a career or get an adult high school degree, Texas Alternative Home School is the solution. Interested parties can learn more or sign up at https://www.texasalternativehs.org/

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SOURCE Texas Alternative Home School

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