Techtonic Brings Revolutionary Tech Apprenticeship Program to Nebraska

OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Colorado-based Techtonic, a leader in developing enterprise technology solutions and empowering a diverse tech workforce, enters Nebraska with an industry-leading Software Development Apprenticeship Program that proves you don’t need a college degree — or a certificate from a coding boot camp — to break into the technology industry.

Heather Terenzio, founder and CEO of Techtonic, shares that, “The tech industry is beginning to realize the importance of diversification, both in talent and location, and we are honored to be leaders in these shifts. Successful careers in the tech sector should be open to all; underrepresented demographics and overlooked communities in middle America. We are thrilled to bring Techtonic to Nebraska to tap into the incredible and diverse talent in the state.”

Techtonic’s highly selective, paid Apprenticeship Program welcomes people from all different backgrounds into the classroom for 12 weeks of rigorous training on cutting-edge platforms before taking them onto the development floor for 40 weeks of hands-on experience writing actual code for real Techtonic clients. To date, 100 percent of graduates from Techtonic’s Apprenticeship Program have received a salaried job offer.

“Techtonic has the expertise to radically transform the workforce pipeline and address the overwhelming demand for tech talent in Nebraska,” says Jona Van Deun, President Nebraska Tech Collaborative. “With nearly fifteen years of providing product-driven software solutions, and a fully accredited software development apprenticeship program, we are thankful and proud to have Techtonic as a partner of the Nebraska Tech Collaborative!”

In an effort to make technology careers more inclusive, Techtonic has also established the Coalition for Diversity in Tech Talent with the goal of placing 100 diverse or underrepresented candidates, sponsored by Coalition partners, into their Software Development Apprenticeship Program by January 2022.

About Techtonic
Techtonic is changing how tech talent is sourced, trained and hired. Through a revolutionary paid Apprenticeship Program and Diversity Coalition, Techtonic trains and places candidates from diverse backgrounds that show necessary grit, ambition and desire to begin a career in tech. Since 2016, Techtonic has successfully launched over 100 careers in the technology industry. Techtonic is a women-led certified BCorp, and their Software Development Apprenticeship Program is registered by the United States Department of Labor. With an almost 100% placement rate for Apprentices, they’re revolutionizing the industry through talent.**

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