Teaching Lab Announces Online Open Enrollment for Innovative Professional Learning Courses

[Professional Learning Gives Teachers New Skills for a Changing World] 

"Ready to Engage"

WASHINGTON, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Teaching Lab is rolling out a new suite of online professional development courses designed to help teachers unpack and understand their high-quality instructional materials, deepen critical consciousness in the classroom, and implement support strategies for accelerating student learning. While teaching and learning are not new, today’s educational environments must adapt to cultural shifts, post-pandemic challenges, technological advances, and a truly globalized world. Professional development gives teachers new tools to create classrooms of the future and educate students that are prepared to innovate and succeed.

In keeping with a commitment to its Ready to Engage approach to providing professional development to educators, beginning July 11, Teaching Lab will offer courses on multiple dates and times to fit into educators’ busy schedules. K-12 teachers will join strong online professional cohorts who share their passion for advancing student outcomes and engage in curriculum-based professional learning that centers on culturally-responsive teaching practices and equitable instruction.

Current offerings include courses in English Language Arts (ELA), math, and leadership. Each ELA and math course is geared toward helping participants build a teaching toolbox that uses a science/evidence-based approach to teaching foundational skills, increasing content and pedagogic knowledge, and sustaining the implementation of high-quality curriculum. The leadership course is an innovative adaptive learning experience for district, system, and teacher leaders to understand and communicate the importance of high-quality instructional materials, develop a cohesive plan that shifts the paradigm of traditional material-adoption processes, and collaborate with other educators to build a community of practice, reflection, and growth.

Positive outcomes for students and teachers are the ultimate goals for Teaching Lab’s online courses and partnerships. Overwhelmingly, students in classrooms taught by teachers receiving Teaching Lab professional learning are more likely to be on grade level in both Math (98%) and ELA (93%) tasks. This self-directed development is perfect for those who want to take ownership of their professional learning. Through these innovative courses, teachers, teacher leaders, and other instructional leaders are empowered to invest in themselves and their love for teaching and are also positioned at the forefront of an ever-evolving, innovative career.

Courses are designed using Teaching Lab’s model, which is based on the best educational research, and years of experience using exceptional instructional materials with teachers. Central to the model is Teaching Lab’s core focus on Head, Heart, Habits, and Equity (HHHE), which serves as the basis of Teaching Lab’s curriculum development for educators. HHHE is designed to improve teacher’s instruction in the classroom professional learning. The model consists of:

Head– Effective professional learning focuses on core academic content, aligned to specific curricular materials, and research-based practices

Heart -Teachers strengthen social capital through teacher community, leading to greater buy-in and ultimately leadership over their professional learning

Habits– Professional learning is structured around repeated cycles of inquiry, which allow teachers to apply what they learn and evaluate evidence of student learning

Equity– All in service of educational equity.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation, which can serve as verification of attendance for state-approved continuing education credits in most states. Sign-up information and in-depth course descriptions are available on the Teaching Lab website: https://www.teachinglab.org/open-enrollment-2022.

About Teaching Lab

Teaching Lab specializes in curriculum-based professional learning, using our evidence-based model of professional learning, coined Head, Heart, Habits, and Equity resulting in award-winning curriculum development and programs designed to serve the real needs of students.  In partnership with teachers, we transform professional learning from the ground up to dramatically improve student outcomes. We also work with school, district, and state leaders to create the instructional systems necessary to support these changes. Our model is based on the best educational research and years of experience using exceptional instructional materials with teachers. Our team of educators is committed to ensuring all students — especially students traditionally underserved by school systems — meet the academic and social expectations necessary to succeed now and in the future. Our partners believe in the power of great teaching to inspire students at all levels to learn and grow. In school year 21-22, Teaching Lab is serving over 7000 educators in over 30 school systems across 13 states and envisions a world where teachers and students thrive together in communities that enable lifelong learning and meaningful lives.

Learn more about TeachingLab’s groundbreaking work at www.teachinglab.org

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