SyncWords Launches Automatic Translations via QR Codes for In-Person Live Events

NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SyncWords, the leading provider for virtual event live captioning and translation, can now translate your live event with simple QR Code access directly to mobile phones for in-person attendees. Offering this add-on feature helps create a user-friendly attendee experience while co-existing with corporate signage and branding. Thus, for your hybrid or in-person event, a simple scan of the code can mean enhanced ease of use and accessibility for participants in 100+ languages, as well as greater audience reach and performance evaluation for organizers.

Championing Elegant Solutions, the SyncWords Way

SyncWords Live has become synonymous with live captioning and translation in the new world of online meetings and virtual conferences. Being fully compatible with all types of virtual event platforms, SyncWords Live helps organizations by ensuring an intuitive and easy delivery of real-time captions and translations during virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. While SyncWords Live can be used as a primary tool to help deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, and to meet Section 508 compliance, accessibility broadens the scope of reach while engaging and enabling foreign language participation. SyncWords’ accuracy in captions and real-time translation speaks directly to its core value of championing diversity and inclusion in meetings.

Now, supporting the access to translations with QR codes can help add another layer of accessibility to hybrid and in-person events. When receiving your audio via Zoom, the rest is handled by SyncWords, including latency adjustment to almost no impact. Additionally, with its industry-leading proprietary sync technology, already honed to perfection in the streaming business, SyncWords creates timed subtitles quickly and automatically, ensuring attendees enjoy quality real-time translations in over 100 languages.

What SyncWords QR Codes Can Do for Your Event
  • When captioned and subtitled by SyncWords, QR Coding your hybrid or in-person event makes it easy for attendees to access the library of languages.
  • It is interactive and simple to use, scalable, and ready-to-go. Added to this, it is cost-effective, user-friendly, and customer-oriented.
  • It promotes accessibility and inclusivity for all attendees, especially those who are hard of hearing, with easy access and good usability.
  • Since SyncWords supports events in different languages, event partners don’t need to worry about captioning or translating recorded content if/when publishing post-event. It is already there.

Addionally, SyncWords assured this slew of services for each and every event:

  • Live Human and AI-Captioning
  • Live AI Translation
  • Multiple Source Languages and over 100 Target languages
  • Unparalleled tech support, 24/7

Our Partners Think

With live events getting progressively back on track and hybrid events becoming a household name, audiovisual production companies notice some new requests from customers.

“SyncWords Live, multi-language captioning has become a standard accessibility tool for many of our virtual event and virtual conference clients. Now, with SyncWords QR Coding, that same accessibility can be offered to attendees at live events, too. With a quick scan, guests can view live captioning on their cell phones, and our clients are able to offer as many language translations as needed for everyone in the audience. We are thrilled to offer this option to all of our live event clients.”, says Ryan Brothers, Production Manager, The AV Department.

About SyncWords

Since 2000, SyncWords has been the trusted leader in closed captioning and translations for virtual events and meetings providing a comprehensive platform and services for both Live and Pre-Recorded delivery of captions and subtitles in over 100 languages. With integrations on Zoom, Webex Events, Hopin, PheedLoop, Hubilo, Duuzra, and many more platforms, SyncWords is captioning and translating thousands of virtual events and broadcasts worldwide. Further, SyncWords’ caption automation technology powers captions and subtitles for broadcasters, OTT platforms, and educational institutions worldwide.

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