Swanson W/I/O™ Announces Amanda Kloots as Brand Ambassador

The Partnership Will Promote Self-Care Essentials to Support Mental Wellness

FARGO, N.D., Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Swanson W/I/O™ (Wellness Inside and Out), the recently launched curated line of mental wellness and self-care nutraceuticals, is pleased to announce best-selling author, TV personality and fitness entrepreneur Amanda Kloots as their brand ambassador. Amanda is a multitasking powerhouse and working mother whose daily schedule is packed with commitments for both work and home. From raising her three-year-old son Elvis to co-hosting CBS’s The Talk, Amanda makes sure to add self-care and mental wellness to her list of priorities. Swanson W/I/O™ was created to help consumers craft their own "personal kit" to help connect three important aspects of mental health: stress, sleep, and cognition. This comes with the core belief that mental wellness should be put at the forefront where it belongs and to remind ourselves that self-care isn’t self-centered.

Amanda Kloots shares her thoughts on the partnership: "Self-care looks different for everyone, and each individual has their own picture of what mental wellness looks like. In order to live a healthy, balanced life I need to make sure that my wellness routine is adaptable to my changing needs." She continues, "I’m excited to partner with Swanson W/I/O™ because their innovative formulations and combinations are based on cutting-edge nutritional science made simple, so you know exactly what you are getting and how they can benefit your wellness inside and out."

The suite of 21 personalized products includes mental wellness SELF-CARE™ for improving sleep, next-day mood and cognitive support, PEACE of mind MUSHROOM™ with adaptogenic mushrooms to support healthier responses to stress, digital detox: REST, RESET & REFRESH™ to combat negative effects of blue light to reduce stress, improve sleep and support cognition, long day SELF-RECOVERY™, a non-habit forming blend without melatonin to create a sense of calm before bed for restful sleep and balanced mindset, and MENTAL balance with HERBS™ featuring nine adaptogenic herbs to support better sleep, less stress and clearer thoughts.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Amanda Kloots," shares Swanson Health’s CEO Jim Hamel. "Our new Swanson W/I/O™ product line is designed for consumers who juggle a multitude of responsibilities and need to prioritize their self-care routine." Hamel continues, "Amanda is a shining example of a person operating at their highest level while taking care of her family and managing a busy work life. She understands the concept and benefits of taking care of one’s mental wellness.

The products, which range from $9.99$39.99 include gluten free, non-GMO, vegetarian, and vegan options for select SKUs. For detailed product and ingredient information and additional content please visit http://www.livewio.com/. For high-res product images and logos please click HERE.

To view the Swanson W/I/O™ commercial with Amanda Kloots, please click HERE.

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WIO believes that mental wellness is essential to overall wellbeing and the backbone of a thriving community. Their new customizable suite of mental wellness support products that balance sleep, stress and cognition are innovative formulations and combinations that deliver multiple benefits.

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