Superior Education for Future World Citizens – Colegio Pearson Celebrates 40 Years of Excellence in K-12 Bilingual Instruction for Students in Southern Mexico

COATZACOALCOS, Mexico, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Located in the major port city of Coatzacoalcos, Colegio Pearson private school has been offering one of the best educations to K-12 students for over four decades now. Easily the leading bilingual educational institution in the City and the Region, Colegio Pearson helps students develop their individual potential so they can follow their dreams to college and beyond. With graduates who have gone on to study at Harvard, Boston, Columbia and Northwestern University, among others in Europe, Colegio Pearson offers students innovative educations from highly skilled instructors using cutting-edge pedagogical techniques – preparing students for a rapidly evolving and diverse workplace.

"Language mastery is a core goal for us, so our students graduate speaking fluent English in addition to Spanish and French," said Lic. Enrique Chapuz, Languages Director. "When international companies and their executives arrive in the city, our school is always the first choice for their own children. This trend will only increase with the Trans-Isthmus Corridor, with Coatzacoalcos serving as a major hub: offering tax incentives as well as easy train access to Salina Cruz, enticing foreign companies like Brasken Idesa, Constellation Brands, and others to consider making significant investments here. We look forward to see an influx of new students from all over, and we welcome the opportunity to provide the same high-quality education to them as we give our local students."

About Colegio Pearson
Colegio Pearson places special emphasis on oral expression, giving children the security and confidence to express themselves clearly. Pearson is the only school of its kind in the area that guarantees the most complete and accredited study of the English language.

  • Kindergarten: Safe, warm, fun environment with experiential learning through interactive activities; personalized attention to meet individual needs; harmonious development of intellectual, emotional, and social skills; fostering neural connections through learning English.
  • Primary: High command of English upon finishing; personalized attention and access to an education of excellence via experiential learning; preparing independent, responsible, and self-confident students.
  • High School: A total mastery of English and Spanish, with French fluency, finishing with a Microsoft Office Specialist certification; developing individual potential by promoting critical thinking and an evidence and science-based approach to research and learning; developing advanced skills of organization, collaboration, and communication in both Spanish and English to better process information, develop in a digital culture, reflect on issues, and express themselves in intelligent and positive interactions; fully prepares students for further college and university education on their way to becoming citizens of the world.

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