SummitET Launches Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Communications Workshop

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Summit Exercises & Training® (SummitET®), a Preparedness Solutions Company®, launches Diversity and Inclusion Awareness: Identifying and Addressing Communications Complexities workshop. The primary objectives are for participants to gain an increased awareness that “the same things mean different things to different people,” to address the need to unlearn/relearn how we handle cultural differences and indifference, and to emphasize the need for listening for understanding (not necessarily agreement). This workshop can be tailored for two-day, one-day, half-day, or two-hour increments to address clients’ specific issues in the ever-evolving communications environment facing communities and organizations. 

“Our communications experts discuss attitudes and stereotypes that humans involuntarily call upon to make decisions or promote action in their daily lives. This workshop provides opportunities for introspection and increased self-awareness through facilitated group discussions, exercises, and integrated case studies,” John Duda, CEO of SummitET. “Our team has delivered this training at multiple venues for hundreds of participants with a goal of empowering attendees to promote a better understanding of one another.”

The workshop is facilitated by world-renowned communications experts Mark Basnight, Drew Diamond, Rebecca Feaster, Holly Hardin, Randy Melton, Frank Salomon, and Alvaro Zabaleta. View their full profiles at

This workshop addresses the four foundations of unconscious bias and methods to overcome them through individual and organizational communication strategies. Foundations include:

  1. Conversations regarding diversity, inclusion, and culture present many complexities.
  2. The same things mean different things to different people.
  3. The need to unlearn, then relearn, how we address cultural differences with an emphasis on cultural empathy.
  4. Good listening skills should be acquired and practiced: Actively listening for understanding, not agreement.

Individuals and organizations interested in learning more about the diversity and inclusion awareness workshop should contact SummitET’s Strategic Communications team via the contact form or call 630-642-5595.

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