Success for All Foundation’s Curiosity Corner Program Approved by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)

BALTIMORE and RICHMOND, Va., April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Success for All Foundation is excited to announce the approval of our Curiosity Corner program by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) for inclusion on the state’s list of high-quality instructional materials for Birth to Five Programs.

“Success for All is thrilled about the approval of our Curiosity Corner program by the Virginia Department of Education. This recognition validates our commitment to providing innovative and effective educational solutions that empower every child to reach their full potential. We are excited to continue partnering with educators and communities across Virginia to inspire curiosity, ignite learning, and prepare young students for kindergarten,” says Julie Wible, CEO of Success for All Foundation.

Curiosity Corner has undergone rigorous examination by the Department, meeting all established criteria and demonstrating alignment with effective literacy instruction strategies to prepare all children for success in kindergarten and beyond. Curiosity Corner is a research-based, comprehensive preschool program that is aligned to the National Reading Panel, National Research Council, and Head Start Child Outcomes Framework. It has also been proven effective through the Preschool Curriculum Evaluation Research (PCER) Consortium. This PCER study found that of the 14 early childhood curricula evaluated, Curiosity Corner was one of only two programs to have an impact on end-of-kindergarten reading. The study found that children in kindergarten who had participated in preschool classrooms that implemented the Curiosity Corner curriculum had higher scores on two of three measures of literacy development than children in kindergarten who had not experienced the Curiosity Corner curriculum in preschool classrooms.

Curiosity Corner is strategically designed to address specific, sequenced learning goals tailored to meet the individual needs of every child. Moreover, it offers a developmentally appropriate structure and sequence in classroom activities, seamlessly aligning with Virginia’s Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS).

When selecting an early learning program, it’s crucial to acknowledge the pivotal role that curriculum plays in enriching teacher-child interactions, fostering trust, and nurturing emotional security. Curiosity Corner ensures comprehensive coverage of all areas of learning and development, providing educators with invaluable support in their mission to facilitate holistic growth in young learners.

Success for All Foundation’s Curiosity Corner emerges as the premier choice for Virginia’s early childhood education programs, meeting VDOE’s Baseline Criteria for High-Quality Birth to Five Curriculum and offering unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness in supporting children’s holistic development.

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Anna Fox

SOURCE Success for All Foundation