Stream ‘Let Kids Be Kids’: An Unfiltered Medical Discussion on How COVID-19 Restrictions Impact Children

TORONTO, Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, much conversation has been had about how to keep children healthy and safe. Schools have been closed multiple times; extracurriculars canceled; social events with friends and extended family restricted. There has also been much debate about vaccinating children.

On Wednesday, January 19, video conferencing solution and virtual events producer, Banty Inc., gathered a panel of medical experts for an unfiltered discussion focused on how government-led COVID-19 restrictions have impacted the lives of children.

Due to popular demand, a 90-minute recording of the Let Kids Be Kids event is now available online. It can be accessed here:

Leading the conversation was Dr. Martha Fulford (Infectious Diseases Physician and Associate Professor at McMaster University; Chief of Medicine for the McMaster University Medical Centre – Hamilton Health Sciences). Her lengthy, impassioned and research-driven presentation resulted in high-praise from attendees, as well as an engaging Q&A session with them.

Also weighing in on the subject was Dr. Khrista Boylan (Pediatric Psychiatrist and Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University); plus moderators Dr. Richard Tytus (Family Doctor; Associate Clinical Professor, Family Medicine at McMaster University); and Dr. Dennis DiValentino (Family Doctor; Assistant Clinical Professor, Family Medicine at McMaster University).

In all, more than 500 attendees from around the world attended Let Kids Be Kids, more than half of which were healthcare professionals seeking guidance on how to help children and parents navigate the many COVID-19-related decisions they face daily.

"At this stage of the pandemic, children continue to be at the mercy of various COVID-19 restrictions that have unfortunately interrupted their natural way of life," says Dr. Tytus. "While there is obvious concern as it relates to children catching the virus, what many underestimate is how such measures like constant mask-wearing, staying away from loved ones and not having a normal school routine harm a child’s development."

Continues Dr. Tytus: "That is why the doctors, in partnership with Banty, put on Let Kids Be Kids: to present important research and opinions to members of the medical community and general public who are frustrated with the status quo. If you missed the event, I hope you take the time to watch it online."

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