Starting a New Career in Nursing With Verve College

CHICAGO, Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Choosing a career in nursing can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding choices that you can make in your life, and Verve College can help. They have a high-quality nursing program that will give students the education they need in an engaging and interactive learning environment.  The college has two locations, one in Oak Brook and one in Chicago.

"Countrywide, there is a nursing shortage. Additionally, there are historically low numbers of new applicants to become a nurse," says Naveen Bindra, President of Verve College. With wage increases, school grants, and other incentives, now is the best time to switch careers to become a nurse!

Verve College offers nursing programs that can be taken to kickstart a new career in nursing. The first is the Practical Nurse (PN) Program. The PN program at Verve College is designed for entry-level nursing students. It will help to prepare them to care for their patients with the highest standards of care. Verve College’s experienced and knowledgeable instructors and stimulating classroom environments help to provide students with the expertise they need to enter the workforce after graduation. They also have high-quality clinicals with preceptors who are invested in the success of the students in the PN program — Verve College wants to give you the best chances at success!

The second program is the Anatomy and Physiology Prep Course. This is a thorough introduction course on the human form and how it functions. It presents a complex body of scientific knowledge in a way that is easily understood thanks to its conversational writing style. Rather than focusing on descriptions, this course looks at concepts and the "big picture" that explains how the body’s homeostatic regulation works. In this course, students will learn the basics of how disease and nursing interventions affect the body. It will also prepare them to continue their education and be successful in future required science courses.

When considering starting a new, rewarding career, nursing is a great option. The team at Verve College will help to support the learning of their students by preparing them for opportunities as a PN or another nursing position upon graduation. Verve College wants to help as many students as possible, which is why they have plenty of options for financial aid, nursing resources, and more. To discuss the high-quality nursing program, reach out to Verve College today or call at 630-705-9999 or 312-920-8822. 

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