SeligoAI Launches Next-Generation Tech Platform to Improve Financial Performance Of Schools and Enhance Student Experience

SeligoAI’s proprietary technology gives financially-focused higher-ed administrators a new and better way to understand, interpret, and support students throughout the entire student lifecycle. 

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, SeligoAI, The Student Experience Company, announces the debut of its next-gen edtech platform that improves the financial performance of schools and elevates the student experience.

Now more than ever, schools and community colleges need help recruiting and retaining students. “Their struggle is real,” according to Dr. Gregory Jordan when referring to the headwinds that college administrators are facing. “Recruiting and retention are in freefall and if something’s not done about it soon, we’re going to see more and more schools fail. We’re also going to see the dropout rate continue to skyrocket, which is as terrifying as it is unfortunate.”

Dr. Jordan understands the challenges that universities are experiencing, because he has seen them first-hand; Dr. Jordan was president of Kings College for nearly 25 years; Jordan led the College to 14 years of record-breaking attendance and cemented his belief that technology can be used to improve the financial performance of schools by rethinking the student experience. “We have to engage with our students in new ways – in ways that make sense for them, how they want, and when they want. When students succeed, schools succeed,” says Jordan.

SeligoAI is the brainchild of Jordan, who, along with his CTO and co-founder, Marshall D. Lewis, have spent the past 5 years perfecting their technology and making it available via pilot programs to schools that understand the importance of building relationships with students.

The SeligoAI Platform is the first truly end-to-end platform that helps schools improve financial outcomes by empowering administrators to support students across the entire student lifecycle, from pre-enrollment through graduation day. “We’re seeing incredibly strong results from the schools who are embracing our solution,” says Dr. Jordan. “Student Lifetime Value and Student Engagement metrics, which are especially critical to the financial welfare of schools and universities, are trending upward quickly.” This is great news for schools that need help now more than ever. And administrators are smiling.

SeligoAI’s thoughtfully-developed technology:

  • Is laser-focused on improving the metrics that actually drive meaningful improvement in school financial performance
  • Is intuitive and underpinned by human-assistive technology for easy use
  • Uses multimodal communication to meet students where they want, how they want, when they want.
  • Utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to get smarter and more useful over time.

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About SeligoAI

SeligoAI, The Student Experience Company, was founded to solve the financial challenges facing higher-education today. SeligoAI gives higher-ed administrators a simple and effective way to improve Student Lifetime Value and the other metrics that are so vital to a school’s success. Not only does SeligoAI make a meaningful and measurable impact on the metrics that matter the most, but it measurably improves the student experience by giving administrators a new and better way to understand, interpret, and communicate with students. SeligoAI was founded by Dr. Greg Jordan, a technologist, thought leader on higher-education, and former college president. For more information on SeligoAI and its game-changing technology, visit or email

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