SeligoAI Launches Next-Generation Tech Platform to Improve Both College Financial and Student Performance by Turning Data Into Action

SeligoAI’s proprietary technology gives financially-focused higher education leaders a new and better way to understand, interpret, and leverage data to support students throughout the entire student learning lifecycle

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, SeligoAI: The Student Experience Company, announces the debut of its next-gen edtech platform that improves the financial performance of schools and elevates the student experience. 

Now more than ever, colleges and universities need help recruiting and retaining students. “Their struggles are quite substantial,” according to SeligoAI’s founder and president, Dr. Gregory Jordan, referring to the headwinds that college administrators face. “Student recruitment and retention have steadily decreased in many community colleges and 4-year private colleges, and if these trends aren’t reversed, we’re going to see more and more schools reduce their program offerings, or merge with other schools, or even fail. We’re also going to see the dropout rate continue to increase, if we don’t focus more resources on the student learning lifecycle.” 

Dr. Jordan understands the challenges that universities are experiencing because he has seen them first-hand. He served as a college president for over 16 years and led the University to 14 years of record-breaking enrollment.  This experience confirmed his belief that the quality of the student learning lifecycle is a key driver of institutional sustainability. “We must meaningfully and holistically address students’ concerns and challenges.  When students succeed, schools succeed,” says Jordan. 

Inspired by his experiences, Jordan has spent the past 5 years iteratively developing SeligoAI’s platform and making it available via pilot programs to colleges. Colleges who understand the benefit of using their data to improve strategy, operations and problem solving to support the student learning lifecycle will succeed in the modern era.

Frequently the use of data in higher education is as siloed as university departments.  SeligoAI turns those limiting practices into best practices by collecting and transforming data, and by making the resulting insights actionable. SeligoAI makes sense of the copious amounts of data available to colleges and universities.

The SeligoAI Platform is the first truly end-to-end platform that helps schools improve financial outcomes by empowering administrators to support students across the entire student learning lifecycle, from pre-enrollment through program completion and gainful employment. “Colleges and universities will see incredibly strong results from SeligoAI’s focused approach on the student learning lifecycle” says Dr. Jordan. “The metrics and measures of student learning are directly correlated to the financial wellbeing of schools and universities.” SeligoAI is great news for schools that need help now because it improves student success and the financial bottom line at the same time.

SeligoAI’s thoughtfully developed technology:

  • Is laser-focused on improving the metrics that drive meaningful improvement in school financial performance.
  • Is intuitive and underpinned by human-assistive technology for easy use.
  • Uses multimodal communication to meet students where they are and guides them to where they want to be which supports the goals of Achieving the Dream and Guided Pathways.
  • Employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform data, helping colleges and universities to smartly support assessment, placement, and monitoring of student learning.

To hear more about SeligoAI and how it’s boosting school financial performance while improving the student experience, please visit or email

About SeligoAI

SeligoAI, The Student Experience Company, was founded to solve the financial challenges facing higher education today. SeligoAI gives higher-ed administrators a simple and effective way to improve the Student Learning Lifecycle which extends student lifetime value.

Not only does SeligoAI make a meaningful and measurable impact on the metrics that matter the most, but it also measurably improves the student experience by giving administrators a new and better way to understand, interpret, and communicate with students. SeligoAI was founded by Dr. Gregory Jordan, a former college president, a thought leader on higher ed, and an advocate for human assistive technology that improves student learning and institutional performance. For more information on SeligoAI and its game-changing technology, visit or email

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