SchoolJoy Launches as the Premier EdTech Tool Supporting Individualized Learning and Career Pathways

The generative learning system creates a real-time curriculum based on student’s individualized pathways to advance the holistic development of every learner 

SAN FRANCISCO, May 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SchoolJoy, a generative learning system, launches today as a new and premier EdTech tool that generates individualized curriculum based on student interests and career goals. SchoolJoy gives administrators and teachers the ability to see each student individually and create personalized learning experiences that not only support their unique needs and interests but also their future post-secondary career paths.

The company’s key product, SchoolJoy Quest, allows teachers to teach any topic through the lens of any context. Using generative AI, the system can connect any learning topic to a student’s personal or professional interest, making the topic more relevant to the student and their goals, while reducing additional workload on teachers.  Students’ interests can change frequently, and the generative learning system can adapt to the evolving needs of every student.

“We are on a mission to help schools and school systems achieve the ideals of The School of One, where game-based curriculum is generated in real-time for every student based on their individualized pathways, interests and aspirations,” says Ian Zhu, founder and CEO of SchoolJoy. “About 32% of undergraduates don’t complete their college degrees, and this is reflective of student dissatisfaction in the learning process. That’s why we are committed to making learning more relevant and teaching more fun for students and teachers.”

SchoolJoy has already secured more than 15 pilot districts across the country and is launching in California, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

SchoolJoy strives to help teachers see their students beyond grades and test scores and makes learning more relevant to every student.

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About SchoolJoy
SchoolJoy is a generative learning system that is advancing education by making learning more relevant to every student’s individualized pathways and bringing much-needed relief to teachers and administration through AI-powered tools. SchoolJoy’s ExperienceJoy, PursueJoy and SchoolJoy Quest solutions work together to empower students to learn any topic through the lens of their aspirations for work and life.  

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