School Responder President and Founder Barbara A. Grimm Announces a Strategic Partnership with Safe and Sound Schools

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LANCASTER, Pa., June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Barbara A. Grimm, Founder and President of School Responder (SR) announces a strategic partnership with Safe and Sound Schools, a national not-for-profit organization founded by those who lost family and friends from the Sandy Hook tragedy. “We are excited to join with an organization that has our shared goal of pro-actively engaging in the school environment. We have the shared purpose to assist students and staff with their mental health and wellness needs so children can learn and grow in a supportive environment. Michele Gay’s reputation as a well-known leader in the field of education and a committed champion of the school community is unparalleled. Their commitment to children is aligned with our vision,” said Grimm.


David B. Cooper, Founder, CFO/CTO, SR states, “We are pleased to be working with Safe and Sound Schools. They understand the importance of timely and direct communication between students and staff in the school setting to assist in the day-to-day facilitation of mental health and wellness support. We are here to support the student daily, not just during a crisis.”

“I am excited to be a part of this project with School Responder,” said Michele Gay. “We work with school leaders across the nation whose focus is to alleviate student struggles and how to best meet the needs of students. The creation and deployment of powerful direct response communications tools like School Responder can help students connect with the social and emotional supports they need, when they need it. This forward-thinking team has developed a tool that can help bring about fundamental change for school systems across the country as they seek to meet the diverse and ever-growing needs of our kids.

As part of this strategic partnership, Safe and Sound Schools with work to help SR improve the direct communications in the school setting to support the mental health, wellness, and safety of children and youth across the nation – we are here to start the conversation!

About School Responder: Wellness Response Mobile Apps for Everyday Wellness

School Responder was founded in 2017 and its mission is to provide the school community streamlined communications to ensure an effective response plan for mental health, wellness, and student safety. Our response app technology aspires to protect and empower every student in every school, every day.

About Safe and Sound Schools

Safe and Sound Schools is a nonprofit organization founded in 2013 by parents who lost children in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The organization offers a variety of tools for crisis prevention, response, and recovery that are available to schools nationwide. Safe and Sound Schools works with school communities and mental health, law enforcement, and safety professionals to teach best practices and ensure the safest possible learning environments for children, educators, administrators, and parents.

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