Saltwater Biocides Hy-GEN Brand of Hypochlorous Acid is EPA Registered and on the EPA List N

VANCOUVER, Wash., April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Saltwater Biocides, is pleased to announce their Hy-GEN brand of Hypochlorous Acid has been EPA Registered (99349-1) and added to the EPA List N meeting the EPA’S criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and emerging viruses.

"A new revolution in sanitizing and disinfecting is here. The ability to create, on-site and on-demand, a safe, powerful and eco-friendly disinfectant is changing the way humanity will fight bacteria and pathogens now and into the future.", said Dustin Bangerter, newly appointed President of Saltwater Biocides.

Coupled with Saltwater Biocides’ EPA Establishment number associated with their OnGEN Generator, the addition of the EPA Registration and List N bolsters a user’s confidence in the technology and efficacy of Saltwater Biocides’ Hy-GEN Hypochlorous Acid as a broad spectrum, hospital grade disinfectant.

Hy-Gen (Hypochlorous Acid) has a near neutral pH, made using Saltwater Biocides’ OnGEN Generator in large volumes using low levels of salt, water and electricity. Showing efficacy as a bactericide and virucide against viruses and bacteria such as Staph and Rhinovirus.

The OnGEN, Hy-GEN and C-GEN are eco-friendly, effective and inexpensive to produce. Both solutions eventually turn back into saltwater. Helping to alleviate storage of otherwise toxic chemicals, shipping and dispensing of liquids. Lowering waste on packaging and plastics by allowing for reusable bottles and containers. It is an essential piece towards any organization’s sustainability goals.

"We are so excited to bring this amazing technology to the multiple industries that will benefit from it. We have a passionate belief in the power of On-Site, On-Demand and Hy-GEN as we all look for safer, healthier, greener and more cost-effective means to keep our staff, patrons and customers healthy and happy."


Media Contact:
Dustin Bangerter

SOURCE Saltwater Biocides