Rush Sports Complex Coming Soon to Celina, Ohio

CELINA, Ohio, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rush Sports is excited to announce that an all-inclusive sports complex is coming soon near you! At Rush Sports, they are all about the community and want to provide a safe space for the younger generations to enjoy a sport while getting to know themselves and others. Their goal is to help the youth grow, learn, and play because they understand that sports are a safe haven that can lead younger individuals towards a life of achievement and understanding. That said, they want everyone in the community to enjoy what this new Rush Sports Complex has to offer; therefore, they will be featuring adult sports as well. The sports of focus will be basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, indoor baseball/softball, indoor flag football, pickleball, and indoor golf. In addition, they will feature a full service fitness center. There will be fun for everyone to enjoy!

"I have always loved the process of learning and developing my skills in all of the sports that I grew up playing.  But most of all, I just enjoyed playing games with my friends, and learning some cool things along the way. I am passionate about passing that knowledge, work ethic and sense of fun on to the next generation of youth athletes!" – Coach Rush

Branden Rushton, better known as ‘Coach Rush,’ is a life-long basketball student, former player, and high school basketball coach. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, he played three years of varsity basketball at Reynoldsburg High School and continued his career at Ohio Northern University, where he started over 100 games in his career. In college, he studied engineering, which shows his passion for learning and work ethic for success. Coach Rush loves his community, which is why he wanted to provide a facility for individuals to grow within the sports they love!

It is the mission of Rush Sports Complex to get youth involved in the world of sports the right way. These activities go way beyond simply providing a form of physical exercise, as they also help establish mental strength and emotional adequacy, and all around character skills. Team sports are an excellent way to teach resilience, team work, and self confidence all while promoting physical fitness.

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About Rush Sports Complex:

The goal at Rush Sports Complex is to create a safe space for the community while establishing opportunities for the youth to develop, grow, learn, and play. They want everyone to have the chance to enjoy themselves while learning new skills that will improve both their physical and mental way of being!

Branden Rushton


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